Weird Like That

When I worked in an office, I HATED Mondays. I would rather start my week on a Tuesday than a Monday. Monday I wanted to keep as a day where I could run errands and get home stuff done. When asked abt working 4 day weeks, most people want to have Fridays off. Not me! Fun things happen on Fridays. Bad things happen on Mondays.

Now that both kids are in school, I try not to schedule anything for Mondays. Last year that was the only day Baby Girl's teacher really needed me so I went in, but it used to throw the day off. Now her teacher needs me on Tuesdays. Works just fine because that frees up my Mondays. So after I drop the kids off at school, I start my errands. If Target is first, then I get a Starbucks and banana bread. If Publix is first, then I drive thru McDonalds for my coffee and burrito. The grocery store is empty that early in the AM and its like I have the store to myself.

However since I've been sick, the past two Mondays have been for me. No shopping, no errands, just get my coffee, come home and enjoy the quiet. Usually by 10AM I get going on cleaning and laudry, but until then, I surf the web.

And that is exactly what I'm doing now. Catching up on blog reading, figuring out a post, but mostly enjoying the quiet.

What are the cats doing?? Well we've finally had our cool front go thru and the weather is BEAUTIFUL! Well not really beautiful, but when it's been hot and sunny for so long, a cloudy 69 degree morning is wonderful!!! I have windows open, airing out the house, and the cats are outside running around like mad. Once the coffee kicked in, it occurred to me to take some pics. I missed out on Princess doing her side arched dance around the backyard, but apparently Lucy has found *something* to play with.

Almost got it.

Almost got it!


Hemi found a lizard, which he enjoys bringing inside. Once he let it go, it ran into my shoe.

Before you feel too badly for the lizard, he did have the last laugh!!!

Poor Hemi, whining like a little girl when it wouldn't stop biting him!!!

You didn't have to mention that part!

And they're off!!!


Karen said…
Your Monday rituals sound perfect. I find I fritter away too much time surfing the web on Monday mornings (like I'm doing right now). I think I'll start getting the grocery shopping out of the way after I drop Pete at the train station on Monday mornings. You are right, the stores are nice and quiet then!
I envy your Monday schedule! It's so hard for me to get going in the mornings, especially Monday mornings. I can see why you like to have that day off.
Sandie Knapp said…
My cats don't play with each other, or with the dogs. Stupid Dudley just likes to boss them around. Old Pyewacket is so old she barely makes it walking across the room, staggering the entire way. Rosie does frolick and play, but alone. She's not very social with other pets or people, except for me. With me she is usually wrapped right under my chin. GAH!

Everyone needs a day for themself, glad you are getting to enjoy yours again. :)
Ruth said…
I love having a day to just piddle around doing nothing! (but maybe knit!)

P.S. Congrats on winning sock yarn from Marguerite!

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