Who Knew They'd Last So Long!!!

Back in the early 90s, I was big into fabric painting. I had a few t-shirts that I decorated with fabric and puff paints. I LOVED doing it, and in true hobby/collector form, I would buy a bunch when they went on sale. Anybody remember Zak's? It was a favorite craft store of mine before Michael's got big and when JoAnn's was mostly fabric. I bought a LOT of my craft supplies from them, including my paints.

That hobby eventually fell to the wayside when I got the quilting bug and they stayed packed away in the closet for a long time. I never wanted to get rid of them, because I still had projects to make with them. Fast forward to 2004. We are hit by 4 different hurricanes, including one (Frances) that is going so slow, she's almost stationary. I've got small rugrats that are getting stir crazy and all the projects I had in the house are now done. And the storm has yet to pass. I open the craft closet in search of SOMETHING to keep them occupied and there they are. With my help, we not only keep from going crazy, we have a new shirt to wear!

Today I'm going thru some old clothes and come across some sweat pants that are too small for #1 Son, but are perfect for Baby Girl. In the guise of making them a bit more girly, I pull out those paints and make a heart on one pair and a flower on another. Well you KNOW what happened next.

Both #1 Son and Baby Girl have new shirts to wear. Without ANY help from me!

While I had to throw a couple away because the paints had separated, these guys are still going strong! They used some up, but I think I have abt 10 left. Who'da thought they'd last for 15+ years. THAT'S what I call quality!


Dee said…
The blast from the past picture of the kids is adorable.

That is some good paint. LOL The projects turned out very cute.
Sandie Knapp said…
I've been away from your blog FAR TOO LONG! So much to catch up on. :)
But I do love the story of the fabric paints. And I'm so glad they are just as good today as they were back when.

And you have been very busy too. I have to admit, I'm very glad Ida missed you. The thought of my Southern friend floating away is not a good one. :)

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