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I actually had a huge rant planned for this posting, but realized that no matter what or how I typed it, it came across wrong. All I can say is that I'm tired of being the go-to person for encouragement, responsibility, sounding off wall, etc. And yet because I'm not the type that complains or rants (often) or just deals with what life throws at me, I have no problems and how nice it must be for me.


This is why I knit and stash.

Speaking of stash, guess what came in the mail today?

Free yarn!!!

This is the free skein of yarn from Caron. It's really very soft and lovely. I'm not a big fan of the color, but Baby Girl loves it. Princess can't seem to make up her mind.....

First impression

Second impression

I just need to find a pattern for 185yds of yarn. Any suggestions?

I've also finished off my ear warmers.

Baby Girl makes a MUCH prettier model than me.

The ones of me wearing this are just plain scary. I'll take pics of it when I'm not in grubby clothes and wearing make up. Preferably shellac.

Here are the stats:

Malabrigo Earwarmers

Date Start: 11/20/09
Date End: 12/14/09

Cast on 108sts using size 8 needles, switched to size 6.
Worked Ktbl1,P1 for 2.5" then cast off.

Yarn used was worsted weight Malabrigo. Not sure of the official name, but it's a blue. And while I love the depth of color and softness of this yarn, I'm not a big fan of the single ply. This explains why my Malabrigo watchcap turned into earwarmers.

I also can wear this as a mock turtle neck in place of a scarf. Since it's stretchy, it can come off and on with ease.

Speaking of scarves, I am *this close* to finishing off the one I'm working on. I did a few more rows during gymnastics and I am SO ready to be done with it. It's turning out really nice, but I feel like I've been knitting out miles and miles of a yarn strip.


Dee said…
Oh girl, we need to have a good old chat fest --- I swear I could have written your first paragraph this week!

Do you know I have no problems because I'm RICH???? Say what?????? I'm rich?????? Why didn't anyone tell me? LOL

Oh, I'd bet we could trade good stories. LOL

The earwarmer is adorable (as is the model) ------ Would the one skein make a hat for Baby Girl?
Susan said…
I know what you're saying. Some people are expected to handle everything and the others have no idea what it's like. Been there, done that. The snippy comments never get easier to take.

Now, what with living in Florida and all, what do you need earwarmers for? LOL
Knittymuggins said…
Love the earwarmer (and the super cute model!) :)

So sorry that things are kinda sucky :( Hope they get better soon and that there is someone out there you can rant to (hubby, good friend?) to get everything off of your chest! Feel better soon :)

SusieH said…
Hugs, my friend. I've had those moments, those days...

Love the earwarmer AND the model!
Ugh, I understand where you are coming from with being the go-to girl. The problem is, where do the go-to girls go to when *they* need someone to listen. It's like an unspoken double standard that everyone else can have a problem but we can't! At least you have some nice earwarmers :) Just pull them on when you're tired of hearing everyone blather.

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