Saturday Happenings

In abt 2 hours I will be starting a family dinner that will include this.

Plus stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn (gotta love the starches!), green bean casserole, salad, veggie platter, icecream, two cream pies, soda and Cold Duck (because we're just that classy).

Meanwhile I'll dig into the deep recesses of my closet to see if I can dig out any of my family's linens that were used for dinners back in the day. I am the keeper of them and always want to use them for our family dinners, but it seems as if I always wait until the last minute to pull them out. Spent too much time rearranging the pantry.

I have a 13-lb bird and while all my websites say this is big enough for 5 adults and 2 kids, I hope it's enough. My famiy can EAT so I'm hoping to fill them up with the starches.

For those of you who are buried in snow, is it wrong that I'm jealous? Our friends who are visiting NC are snowed in and are having a fabulous time. Let's hope there is still some left over in a couple of weeks. I don't want to live in it, but playing with it for a couple of days is FUN!

To remind you that there is still a blue sky beyond the snowy clouds, here you go.

I also got a surprise a couple of days ago.

A plant we thought was dead wasn't. It just needed water. Funny how that works. Thank goodness for El Nino and it's rainy days. Since I have to pay for my water, free H2O from the sky is welcome. Unless it comes in big puffy flakes that stick. Some of you are sick of those right abt now.

Stay warm!!!!


Dee said…
Enjoy the turkey! I bet your house smells great right about now.
Sandie Knapp said…
Your flower is lovely, and I'm sure the turkey dinner will be amazing. I bought myself a roasting chicken. But there is only myself. haha

Enjoy your holiday. :)
Brigitte said…
Mmmmm...starches! Sounds so good to me. Enjoy it all, and have a wonderful holiday!

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