Socks on a Sunday Afternoon

I am a happy mom right now. Why? Because both of my rugrats are wearing socks I knit for them. Makes all the work worthwhile. Baby Girl is wearing the pink and brown socks I made for her back in March and #1 Son is wearing his new ones hot off the needles.

Aren't they nice?

I finished them off last night and kitchenered them a few minutes ago.

Here are my stats.....

Socks for #1 Son

Yarn used: Paton's Kroy Sock yarn Burnished Sierra Stripes #56614 and Kroy Black for the heels and toes.

Sock #1: 3/26/09-11/29/09
Sock #2: 11/30/09-12/27/09

Basic sock pattern: c/o 56 sts 2x2 rib for 1" then stst for rest of cuff.

What I like abt these socks is that whenever he outgrows them, I can cut off the black toes and just lengthen the foot. With a different color foot, it will make picking up the stitches MUCH easier. I'll just have to be sure to save the extra yarn for it.

These will probably be the last thing I finish before the end of the year. I plan on listing my projects out as well, just to see what I've accomplished this past year. I still can't believe we are moving into 2010. VERY strange indeed.

And even though I didn't post it yesterday, Baby Girl did take a pic of our Saturday Sky. It was a bit cloudy out and never really warmed up. Same is true today.

Now to get motivated to finish putting things away from the past couple of weeks....


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