Bet you didn't think I'd blog today, huh? After a month of *having* to blog, I didn't think so either. However, it has gotten me back into the swing of blogging, so while I don't plan on blogging *every* day, I do plan on blogging more.

What made me want to blog today?? Why free yarn, that's what!!!! Caron Simply Soft is having a yarn giveaway. Send them 3 labels of Caron yarn and they will send you a free skein of Caron Country, a blend of wool and acrylic yarn. Go here for the details. I'm mailing out my info today.

Meanwhile Lucy contemplates her next action......

Does this thing self dispense or do I have to poke it?


Karen said…
I felt the same way!! Half way through I didn't think I'd make it and was sure Dec 1st would be a "day off". But I made it, and I blogged on Dec 1st! I feel like NaBloPoMo got me back into the swing of blogging also. And thanks for passing along that Caron offer - I'm off to check it out now!
Wendy said…
Lucy is wondering when the birds are going to pop out.

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