Taking a breath

I could really use it too, after such a crazy wknd.

While the weather was better on Saturday, I still didn't do so great at the yard sale, but I had fun with my friends. Since the kids were with my sister, the IO wanted to go out to the movies. Of course he did. I was EXHAUSTED so *that* was the night he wanted to go out. Since it hardly ever happens, I agreed and we went to see 2012. Well if I wasn't exhausted before the movie, I was after. I've never liked disaster movies, and while the graphics were amazing, it was still a stressful movie for me.

Sunday we went up to Jacksonville to see the Miami Dolphins play football. While we did have some excitement

we still made the best of it.

AND we won!!!

The best part of the day? A flyover by some military jets from the local Airforce base. Apparently they time it with the Nat'l Anthem and as the song ends, they shoot off fireworks and the jets buzz by. We were in one of the tunnels waiting to get to our seat when they went by and boy was it LOUD!!! And totally awesome!

I also got to work a lot on my scarf. In fact I'm really close to finishing. I should be taking a picture of the finished product soon. Today I also finished off my ear warmers. It's too late to take a decent picture so I should be posting that one tomorrow.

And since I didn't post any sky pictures over the wknd, here is what we saw on our way home from the game.

Hope you all had a nice one!!


Dee said…
Flat tire??? Ugh!

But it looks like the kids had fun.
stitcherw said…
You did have a busy weekend. To bad on the tire, but that's great that your team won. I'm not big on disaster movies either, I'd much rather have comedy/romance/mystery etc.. There's enough disaster in real life for me.

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