Yesterday's News

While I'm sorry that the majority of the country is under frigid temps,

at least there is something other than Tiger Woods on the news.

Life is quickly getting busy, I'm helping out a friend with a yard sale this wknd, I've got a Dolphins game coming up, my sister is coming out in 3 days and I'm cooking a turkey dinner. And that's all in less than 2 weeks!

We are also planning a trip to NC which has really inspired me to knit faster to get more things done. However with trying to get the house company ready and going thru things for the yard sale, I'm not getting in as much time as I'd like. Believe it or not, I *did* get some more sewing done.

Bandanas set for the game. I had enough left over to make a fan towel to wave when we score.

Let's hope I get to use it.


I can't even believe how big the kids are getting! Gosh, how many years have we been cyber friends?
stitcherw said…
Fun Bandana's, they'll be great for the game. Seems hard to believe you can be helping with a yard sale when I just got done shoveling show. Good luck with keeping up with all you've got going on.

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