Itemized Blogging

1. I met Dee last week for some stitching time and while we were together, she finished her socks. Aren't they cute? She had some yarn left over,

not enough for a full sized person, but enough for a kid. Since she knows I have a couple of those, she passed on the extras to me. She's good that way! Thanks Dee!

2. While I never got a chance to go yarn shopping on vacation, I did pick up some clearance yarn at Wal-Mart when I was shopping for vacation.

Those are some big skeins and I plan on using them for more kitty blankets.

3. I finished off a hat for charity.

It's small enough for a child, but large enough for a man. I had everybody try the hat on, including the IO. It fit every one of us, but only Baby Girl was willing to pose with it.
Stats for this hat are:

Date Start: 1/8/10
Date End: 1/17/10
cast on 100sts on size 7 needle. Knit 2x2 rib red for 3.25", 7 rows blue, rib total 7" before decreases
yarn: Plymouth Yarns Suri Merino in red and blue.

the yarn has 55% alpaca in it, and while it did bother me a bit to knit with (itchy throat and and dry cough), it wasn't too bad so I was able to finish off the hat. It's really soft and I like the color combo on it. It will go in the charity bin.

4. After I finished the hat, I wanted to do some stitching. However none of my current projects were calling out to me. It was either start something new or *new to me* so I went into the depths of my closet and pulled out a project I haven't worked on it a LONG time. 2007 to be exact. Let me re-introduce you to Bag Ladies.


I still like this project, but the 1/2 stitches are a pain. While they are quick to do, they also distort the fabric. I do alter the 1/2 stitches so that the floss pulls in different directions, but I still get wonky fabric. It went back into the closet and I have the Dolphins out to play next. Hopefully I will have some progress to show on that soon.


Dee said…
Baby Girl looks cute in the hat. I like that color combo.

You got quite a bit done on Bag Ladies.

You know --- if we met up more often, you'd get more stitched. LOL
Sandie Knapp said…
I used the Caron Simply Soft for my niece's hat, scarf and mitts and the first thing she said after getting the hat was how soft it was. The cats will love it.

Good job on the hat. Can we ever have enough of them in the cold weather? I think not. :)
Knittymuggins said…
Fun! The projects all look great :)


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