Mission Organization

It seems that since we've been back from NC, I've been moving in slow motion. This does not work well when my schedule is moving at regular speed. Plus our wknds have been busy as well so there hasn't been much downtime there either. Well there HAS been, but when you are moving in slow motion, it doesn't feel like it. Today I decided that I would really concentrate on getting laundry done and go thru the piles on my dresser. They were getting quite high and I was missing a few things that I thought were hiding underneath all the mess.

The good news? I got 3 loads of laundry done, found some missing receipts, found the remote to the DVD player, put the pile of clothes away that's been living on my dresser longer than I care to say, organized another pile of clothes that need to be given away, sent back some DVDs to Netflix and returned some stuff that we never used on our vacation.

The bad news? I feel like I've just scratched the surface. While the coupons have all been cut out and the old ones have been thrown out (that took a LONG time since there were coupons that expired around Thanksgiving), they are only in the folder but not filed away. I still haven't sorted all the bills like I wanted and I still have that pile of magazines that needed to be sorted as well. Plus there is still more laundry.

And this is just my bedroom.

That being said, we all have clean underwear for tomorrow so I guess that's something.

I havent taken any time to knit much either. I am working on something for a Winter Swap I'm in, but don't want to say much abt it yet until I mail out the package at the end of this week. And I haven't touched my dolphins in 3 days.

While one might think that I could use one of those shows to come in and organize me, I don't. What I need is a maid service to come do laundry and clean my house so that I can spend my time taking care of everything else!!! I guess I really just need my own Alice, huh?

Now just because I haven't finished anything recently, doesn't mean I don't have a project to show! Since we were heading up to the mountains in search of snow, I had to pull out the big knits. The ones I have buried in the back of the closet that only come out every couple of years. One of those is the first sweater I ever made.

It's from a Family Circle magazine from around 1988 that I saw when I was checking out at a grocery store. Before this I had only knit some squares for a blanket (that never got put together) and a Barbie coat. So what that I never made a sweater before. And cables are supposed to be hard? Nobody told me! Sometimes it's better when you are unaware.

Meanwhile Baby Girl is stylin' in her leather jacket!

Why do I feel like I'm looking at a future Amelia Earhart?


Oh, I'm so excited for you! I love to read about people organizing. AND, I love all those TV shows about people re-purposing things, sorting out things, donating things. So fun.

Hope you had a great time in NC!
Jane said…
Nice sweater - and you look great in it! As for the future, I'm thinking in addition to aviatrix, perhaps also a model. What a cutie!
Dee said…
You and I really are of one mind sometimes. I've made some huge "first" projects. I didn't know you couldn't. So, I did!

Great sweater! It looks so cozy and warm.
SusieH said…
I need an Alice, too! Oh, how I need an Alice...

So Much Laundry living in our bedroom. Sigh.

Loved the sweater AND the "Amelia" pic, too :)
Ruth said…
No matter what else you get done, clean underwear is always a good thing!

Not only did you do cables, but you used a really dark color--wow! It looks great and good thing no one told you that you picked a hard project.
Vivian said…
I'm afraid of associating my home with the word "organization". I got piles everywhere, that I don't even know what's at the bottom. But hey, everyone has clean underwear, and I'm happy ;-)
Sandie Knapp said…
For a first sweater, you did a knock out job on it. It and yourself look great!

Don't you just love how the young ones love to pose. Talk about being a ham?? Ya think? :)

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