Now That's More Like It!

Dear Mr. Frost,

You made a lovely appearance on my yard (covering up the now dead grass)

and my car (extra effort was put toward the roof!)

and entertained the troops.

However, it is SOO time for you to go!**

**courtesy of Click Orlando.


stitcherw said…
Glad that it looks like your temps are finally heading up again. On the plus side, you got to wear some of those lovely extra warm socks you make. :)
Sandie Knapp said…
Hey, we are seeing above freezing weather here in the northeast too. It's wonderful!! :)
Jane said…
Hey, nice temps! I was happy to see we will be back in the 50's, but you are doing much better than that.
Temps here in GA were in the high 50s, even up to 60 at some points. It felt like summer! The lake in front of my apartment complex is still frozen solid though.

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