Saturday Blahs

It's turning into one of those days. It seems as if everything I touch falls apart. The computer is running slow, my phone locked up (didn't know they could do that!) and I'm feeling just blah. The weather isn't helping either.

The only good thing abt today? I freaked out on everybody because the house is a mess and most of it is NOT from me. Allowances were suspended and suddenly everybody is helpful! It's amazing how quickly the house gets clean when everybody chips in! The incentive? My in-laws are coming out tomorrow and we need places to sit.

Meanwhile I think I'm ready for one of these......


My computer is running slow and it's grey here too. On top of that I have a head cold. Hopefully your night has been ok :)
SusieH said…
Awww - sorry about the day. My beloved phone has been known to freeze up too. Annoying!! Glad you got some help from the peanut gallery cleaning up.

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