Saturday Updates

First up, my sky today.

Not very pretty, but it was around 75 today so no complaints here!

For those of you wondering, yes this IS still a knitting blog. I just haven't had anything to show recently. I realize that cold weather is supposed to give you incentive to knit, but in *my* reality, my hands have been too cold to do much of anything so all projects have not been moving along much at all. Since the weather is warming up, the hands are thawing out and I do have some things to show.

This is the latest hat I'm working on.

I'm using Plymouth's SuriMerino, which is a wool/alpaca blend. I'm finding out that alpaca and my nose do not get along very well and I'm having to reconsider any projects with alpaca in them. This yarn has abt 50% alpaca in it and it's tolerable. I have another project that is 80% alpaca and it's going to be ripped out. I LOVE it, but it's bothering me too much. I think I'll post it here first, then if nobody wants it, I'll sell it on eBay.

I'm also working on some socks.

This is in Kroy's FX. I'm not totally impressed with the yarn, I usually like Kroy, but there are alot of fibers twisted into this yarn and it tends to get kind of kinky. I'm not completely thrilled with the color either, but it could be that I haven't done that much yet. We'll see how it goes as I knit along.

See, now you understand why I haven't posted any knitting recently. I dont' have a lot to show. I think I'm going to schedule more knitting/crafting time in during the week. There is so much to do, both want tos and need tos, that I'm not getting much done on both ends. Maybe if I schedule time for both, I'll finally get to accomplish something.



Dee said…
We need to get together more often. Then you "have to" work on something, right?

I started the new socks this morning. Not a WHOLE lot of progress yet, but I did get the pattern on Ravelry and someone (other than me) is already working on it.
SusieH said…
That Kroy FX tempted me in a shop the other day, but I said No. WIll have to wait and see how you like it as you knit along ...
Sandie Knapp said…
I love the color of the Kroy FX yarn, but I don't like kinky yarn, so that would annoy me too.

I sure am glad alpaca doesn't bother me. I have pounds and pounds of it to spin into yarn. LOL

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