Virtual Get-A-Way

Welcome to Happy Trails Travel Agency, your number #1 choice in virtual vacations. Last year we did a Florida Road Trip. This year we decided to do something different and are heading toward the mountains. I will be your tour guide and plan on making this trip a fun one!!

We will be waking up early

so make sure to get a good night sleep the night before. However if you were up late packing, don't worry, lots and lots of coffee will be provided along the way!

Since we want to keep things fun, we will be stopping along the way for some sightseeing

We'll go up Pedro's hat for some cool scenery

and some kitchy photos.

For those of you with family in the area,

a stop will be provided for some quality bonding time.

After a nice hearty breakfast

we'll be heading off toward the mountains

where we have reservations to stay in some cozy cabins.

Make sure to dress warmly because it WILL be cold!

For those artistic members among us, crafts will be provided. We will have kits for our beginners,

our intermediate friends,

and for those who wish to spend a little more time

we will provide an advanced kit as well.

While the cabins are a bit rustic, there will be some antiques for us to admire.

During our stay we will be enjoying local restaurants and doing our part to stimulate the economy.

Singing and video games will provide entertainment for our drive home.

We hope we provided you with a relaxing trip and that you will again use Happy Trails Travel Agency for all your virtual vacation needs.

Have a pleasant day!


Dee said…
Hey --- a knitted hat actually got some use! Up until this week I didn't think Floridians actually needed hats.

Hope she brought it home with her. She's going to need it in the morning for sure.
SusieH said…
I loved this!! Want to come help make some more gingerbread men with you :)
Karen said…
Ooooohhhh!!! Happy Trails is by far my new favorite travel agency. Thanks for the 12 cups of coffee. :)
Jacki said…
Fun! I have an old Singer machine that looks similar to that one - it belonged to my great-grandmother.

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