Ways to Keep Warm

When there is no sun to bathe in, there are other ways to keep warm.

A small child

a radiator

a jacket

a cozy lap

It's good to be me.


Jacki said…
I love that cat (is that Hemi?) He seems like he has a neat personality. Sassy! :)
June said…
Somehow, the cold feels colder in Fla! This year, I feel the coldest that I have in years in NC. Guess I still have Fla. blood. (That's not possible). Hope you warm up soon, we won't! (I have five quilts on my bed!)
Anonymous said…
It must be true that we acclimate. Here in the frigid northeast, I have but a single fleece blanket on my bed, and my fellow reader (June) has 5 quilts on her bed and she is in NC. Amazing. :)

You cat definitely has the "Life of Riley." And I think he knows it too.

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