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Just Checking In

My computer is still down. I'm happy to have this one, but it's not the same. Plus I can't upload my pics so no pictoral updates today. I haven't been knitting much, mostly because I don't like what I'm working on. I have one pair of worsted wool socks for charity that hurts my hands when I knit on it so I haven't picked it up lately. The other pair is the FX socks that I started over, but I'm not thrilled with the yarn. And then there's the kitty blanket. Meh. The newer Caron stuff isn't as nice as the old stuff, it feels as if there is a coating on it, more plastic-y for a lack of a better word, but it still feels soft once knitted up so I do plan on finishing this blanket. I came *this close* to casting on another sock, but I want to add a pattern and couldn't decide on what I wanted to use. So back in the bag it went. By that time it was getting later and I just put everything away.

This explains why I'm on Facebook so m…

Technical Difficulties

Well here at Happy Acres, our computers seem to be on the fritz. The IO is working on fixing my laptop and while we thought it was fixed over the wknd, turns out the operating system and my computer did NOT get along. So he has to change the OS and then reload it all over again. This leaves the family computer which is not as fast, does not have my favorites, and requires I share. Blech.

You'd think this would bode well with the projects and while it has a bit, its not as much as you'd expect. I have been trying to organize 5 years of school pictures. I used to be really good at keeping the pics organized, get them developed immediately with 1 hour photo, look at them in the car before I drove home, and then put them in the photo album when I did get home. The digital camera sort of slowed that process down a bit since I could see them immediately, but I would still print out once a month and put them in an album.

Then #1 Son started school and it all stopped. Not becaus…

Happy Dancing at the mailbox

Grace had a Winter Warm Up swap that I participated in. I got paired with Lisa and I have to say, it was one of the best swaps I ever got! Here are the goods....

Really nice, right?? There was a little something for everybody in this box. Books for the kids. Cat treats for the cats. And the rest is ALL MINE!!! Here is a few close up shots of the yarny goodness.

I now own fingerless mitts!!!

and they've already been worn too.

Some great sock yarn here

and here

I'm not sure if I'll make socks with these yet. I may make something for Baby Girl. I did a bathing suit top for her with this same yarn when she was little

and I may make something similar to that as well.

Look at these gorgeous stitch markers!

I really did hit the motherlode with this swap. Thanks again Lisa!


I tried taking pictures last night during Phantom, but there wasn't much to see since I can't take pics during the performance. So here is a …

Olympic Fever

Everybody seems to have it. But me. I'm just not feeling it. If this keeps up, I'll end up missing it all. It's weird too. I usually try to catch some of it. Plus I usually have a desire to join all the knitting olympic events I see on a LOT of blogs. But this year, not so much.

Meanwhile I've been keeping busy with other things. I got to meet up with Dee on Thursday for some stitching at Needle Orts and got to work on Too Pooped. I don't have any updated pics, but will take some soon. I left the Dolphins a bit because I got sick of the grey. Now I'm working on browns and know I will be sick of that soon too. I'm fighting the urge to start a new project, two actually, in cross stitch because I want to make some more headway on what I have. I'm getting in the mood for Maggie, but she's MIA right now. I have a feeling she's hiding in the deep recesses of my closet.

I have some stash to share, both bought and given, AND I have a FANTAST…

It all started with a lost alpaca......

I'm on Facebook. A LOT. I check the postings, but the big draw for me is Bejeweled. I love that game. I've never been into the virtual worlds. Not me. Farmville? No way! Cafe World? Uh uh. Then a friend posted a lost alpaca. Would somebody take it?? WHAT?!?! A lost alpaca? Where??

And so started my descent into Island Paradise. I LOVE this place. It's me and my raspberry plants, my chicken and my alpaca. I can fish. I can hear soothing waves washing up on my shore with the occasional sea gull or tropical music in the background. (it's the waves that keep me). I plan on making it my virtual getaway. Then another friend of mine introduced me to Country Life. I have a ranch now apparently. It's fun to visit the ranch, but I prefer my island. With the waves.

How addicted am I? I played on it the entire SuperBowl!!!! I chatted with others abt the commercials (my favorite was the Snickers one with Betty White and Abe Vigoda (who apparently is still alive!!!)), checked my r…

Saturday Sky

While quite a few of you are having lots and lots of white conditions, here is what we look like today.

We had the bad storms last night of this major system crawling across the US, but it was rain which is much easier to deal with than that white stuff.

Nothing of the room has been touched today. Instead I worked some more on the dolphins (I need to switch to something else because I'm getting sick of grey!), and more laundry. I found my snowman, but not the floss that goes with it. Hmmm, maybe if I keep looking, I'll find that next!!! The problem is my room is the dumping ground for a lot of stuff so it's constantly in a state of needing to be organized.

Hope everybody's staying warm!!! Today seems like a great day to be knitting an afghan. Nothing like having a pile of yarn in your lap to keep you toasty warm!

One down

three to go.

And I took Ruth's advice and started a kitty blanket.

It's the perfect thing for me to knit on when it's late at night. I moved the sock to the car so it's my waiting in line for the kids project. I actually did a couple of rounds today. My goal is to get it done by the end of the month.

It looks as if we might be starting a major project in the house. #1 Son wants to switch rooms. He wants to move into the front bedroom because it's bigger and has more natural light. What is this room right now?? The office/craft room?!? YIKES!!!! We've moved most of his stuff out of his room, just a few things are left in there. This is to make it easier to move my stuff into this room. The good news of all of this, only my stuff is moving into this room. It's smaller and can't house both the office AND my crafts. We plan on making part of the garage a man cave for the IO. The bad news of all of this? Moving all my craft stuff!!! I just keep …

The Sign of the Times

As I was helping Baby Girl do some research on a project abt Polar Bears, it occured to me that while I also did projects when I was in the 2nd grade, our methods of collecting information were vastly different. While we were sitting in my bed with the laptop googling Polar Bears and getting info from Nat'l Geographic Kids and Wikipedia, I was having flashbacks of when I was 8 and what my research materials were. Once I found out I had a project, I needed to get to the library and look thru the dewey decimal system on those rolodex type of cards in those itty bitty drawers. And if I didn't get there by 7pm or so, I was stuck with the 1961 World Book Encyclopedia we had at home. She can print out colorful pictures to add to her project. I had to either try and find a magazine on my subject (which isn't easy when your subject is abt Burma) or trace the animal/country out of the encyclopedia. So while we both did collect information for our various projects, hers is a …