It all started with a lost alpaca......

I'm on Facebook. A LOT. I check the postings, but the big draw for me is Bejeweled. I love that game. I've never been into the virtual worlds. Not me. Farmville? No way! Cafe World? Uh uh. Then a friend posted a lost alpaca. Would somebody take it?? WHAT?!?! A lost alpaca? Where??

And so started my descent into Island Paradise. I LOVE this place. It's me and my raspberry plants, my chicken and my alpaca. I can fish. I can hear soothing waves washing up on my shore with the occasional sea gull or tropical music in the background. (it's the waves that keep me). I plan on making it my virtual getaway. Then another friend of mine introduced me to Country Life. I have a ranch now apparently. It's fun to visit the ranch, but I prefer my island. With the waves.

How addicted am I? I played on it the entire SuperBowl!!!! I chatted with others abt the commercials (my favorite was the Snickers one with Betty White and Abe Vigoda (who apparently is still alive!!!)), checked my raspberries. Played some bejeweled, harvested some beans. Googled Abe Vigoda, cast a fishing line.

Let's see how long this addiction lasts......

Virtual animals??? Why? You can't cuddle them and they aren't as cute. Now leave me alone.


Karen said…
Too funny! I love Bejeweled too. I was doing Farmville for a while but got bored with it. I do love Treasure Madness - I'm totally addicted to that one. And now, thank you very much, I'm going to have to check out Island Paradise. Just what I need, another game addiction. (But hey, it has alpacas? How can I not check it out??)
Anonymous said…
Oh no, another victim of Facebook!! I am on Facebook too, but I won't even look at anything but the updates on my family and friends. No games, no virtual worlds, no farmlife or mafia wars or islands for me. I see how everyone else has become addicted, so I won't even look. I have much more time for knitting and spinning that way. :)

Have fun on your island, although with the humidity you have there in Fla. I don't know why you would be wanting island life. It has to be worse there! hahahaha
Jane said…
I will not get sucked into Facebook games!! hee hee I do love Bejeweled, but I just play it on my iPhone. Although your island does sound lovely. I miss the sound of waves.

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