One down

three to go.

And I took Ruth's advice and started a kitty blanket.

It's the perfect thing for me to knit on when it's late at night. I moved the sock to the car so it's my waiting in line for the kids project. I actually did a couple of rounds today. My goal is to get it done by the end of the month.

It looks as if we might be starting a major project in the house. #1 Son wants to switch rooms. He wants to move into the front bedroom because it's bigger and has more natural light. What is this room right now?? The office/craft room?!? YIKES!!!! We've moved most of his stuff out of his room, just a few things are left in there. This is to make it easier to move my stuff into this room. The good news of all of this, only my stuff is moving into this room. It's smaller and can't house both the office AND my crafts. We plan on making part of the garage a man cave for the IO. The bad news of all of this? Moving all my craft stuff!!! I just keep reminding myself that it will all be mine once it's all done. Let's hope that can sustain me thru all the moving.......


SusieH said…
WOW - that's definitely an undertaking, but the bright side is...defined space for you and IO, nice new room for kiddo, and the chance to examine and sort thru craft stuff as you rehome it into its new private space.Sweet!
Anonymous said…
Goooooooooooooo Lynn!!! You can DO it!!!!

See you Thursday!
stitcherw said…
That's going to be a big move, but so nice to have a room all to yourself for crafts once done. Glad to hear you started on the kitty blanket, knitting should be fun not feel like work so taking a break from the other projects and working on what appealed to you sounds like a good idea. Nice progress on the dolphin piece, and Bag Ladies made a lot of progress when you had it out too.

As to my DD, yup she left Ringling. She's out in Calif. now hoping to get a full time position with Cirque Du Soloie, she's currently a contract worker for them now. However, she's with her boyfriend so she's happy.
Ruth said…
Yeah--kitty blanket! Your room switching will be great when you're done, but I sympathize with you on the process. Maybe you can find something long lost and now found!

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