Saturday Sky

While quite a few of you are having lots and lots of white conditions, here is what we look like today.

We had the bad storms last night of this major system crawling across the US, but it was rain which is much easier to deal with than that white stuff.

Nothing of the room has been touched today. Instead I worked some more on the dolphins (I need to switch to something else because I'm getting sick of grey!), and more laundry. I found my snowman, but not the floss that goes with it. Hmmm, maybe if I keep looking, I'll find that next!!! The problem is my room is the dumping ground for a lot of stuff so it's constantly in a state of needing to be organized.

Hope everybody's staying warm!!! Today seems like a great day to be knitting an afghan. Nothing like having a pile of yarn in your lap to keep you toasty warm!


Bridget said…
Looks like a lovely day! I enjoyed the snow yesterday, it made for a nice, cuddly Saturday. However, once it turns to ice, the love is gone ...
Linda said…
Hi Lynn,

I love your blog. Look at it all the time. I was wondering if you could give me the stats on your cat mats. Do you knit and crochet them, if so stats on both would be greatly appreciated.

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