The Sign of the Times

As I was helping Baby Girl do some research on a project abt Polar Bears, it occured to me that while I also did projects when I was in the 2nd grade, our methods of collecting information were vastly different. While we were sitting in my bed with the laptop googling Polar Bears and getting info from Nat'l Geographic Kids and Wikipedia, I was having flashbacks of when I was 8 and what my research materials were. Once I found out I had a project, I needed to get to the library and look thru the dewey decimal system on those rolodex type of cards in those itty bitty drawers. And if I didn't get there by 7pm or so, I was stuck with the 1961 World Book Encyclopedia we had at home. She can print out colorful pictures to add to her project. I had to either try and find a magazine on my subject (which isn't easy when your subject is abt Burma) or trace the animal/country out of the encyclopedia. So while we both did collect information for our various projects, hers is a LOT more fun! (we won't even go into the fact that both rugrats have a computer to write reports on, meanwhile I had a IBM electric typewriter that I had to make sure to fit everything on the typing paper with the proper spacing all around)


It's been a bit more hectic around here than I would like. We've had company, school events, ballet, gymnastics, a crisis of an unhappy tattoo (NOT me) and another crisis of a friend in a car accident (she's fine, I'm bringing her dinner tomorrow). And that's just the past three days!! I haven't been knitting because, quite honestly, I'm not happy with either sock I'm working on. I want to start another kitty blanket, but I making myself finish a sock first. Which means no knitting. Instead I pulled out my dolphins.


I'm making progress. The dolphins are pretty easy, it's the other parts, the 1/2 stitches, that are going to be more challenging. Some of them are 3 strands, some 4 and others are 5. That means I need to pay attention and we all know how I hate to do that!!

How can you pay attention to color changes when I expect you to pay attention to me??


Anonymous said…
Okay, I HAVE to ask. WHO has the unhappy tattoo???

Yes, our kids definitely have it easier doing research, but do you think they enjoy it any more than we did? It's STILL homework!
Ruth said…
Aaaaah! You brought back such unhappy memories! And it never failed that the book with the best info was the one in the reference section that could NOT be checked out.

Oh, come on, knit a kitty blanket. The socks will wait. :)
I remember researching that way when I was in elementary school. One time I made this awesome tissue paper macaw for a project that I remember spending hours working on in my gifted class. That was the first time I learned to use note cards to take down facts.

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