Technical Difficulties

Well here at Happy Acres, our computers seem to be on the fritz. The IO is working on fixing my laptop and while we thought it was fixed over the wknd, turns out the operating system and my computer did NOT get along. So he has to change the OS and then reload it all over again. This leaves the family computer which is not as fast, does not have my favorites, and requires I share. Blech.

You'd think this would bode well with the projects and while it has a bit, its not as much as you'd expect. I have been trying to organize 5 years of school pictures. I used to be really good at keeping the pics organized, get them developed immediately with 1 hour photo, look at them in the car before I drove home, and then put them in the photo album when I did get home. The digital camera sort of slowed that process down a bit since I could see them immediately, but I would still print out once a month and put them in an album.

Then #1 Son started school and it all stopped. Not because I was so busy that I couldn't keep up. No. It was peer pressure. "What? You don't scrapbook??" "Oh once the kids start school you will HAVE to!" I got suckered in. Meanwhile 5 years later I had only done #1 Son's Kindergarten book. I never got crazy with the papers and brads and embellishments, but I would try to tie the papers in with what he was doing; zoo pics on animal print paper, Field Day on grassy paper. However, over the years I've been getting overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what had to be done. Plus the kids couldn't look thru their pictures. The final straw? When #1Son's scrapbook fell apart for the THIRD time!

So this past wknd I went to JoAnn's and got some storage folders and boxes and a couple of photo albums and in a day I got Pre-K thru 2nd grade papers to be saved done, and his kindergarten pics are now in a huge photo album that will probably hold his entire elementary experience. I have 1st and 2nd grade pics as well, but I want to be sure I have everything. Then that will be done as well. Hmmmm, 3 years of memeories viewable and accessible in only one day's time. Plus half the space needed.

It's official, I am NOT a scrapbooker.

I've been working on some cross stitch projects as well, but I can't share pics of it since I'm on the wrong computer. Instead I will leave you with this.....

Princess vs the fence

Do you think she made it???


Susan said…
Yes, I think she made it. She is a cat and they can pretty much fit through anyplace they please.

I am so not a scrapbooker. Just looking at the supplies makes my eyes cross.
Anonymous said…
I'm voting yes too --- cats can squeeze through pretty tight spots.

I'm not a scrapbooker either ---- too much stuff to consider. It's the same with beading --- the variety is just overwhelming.
Jane said…
Oh, Princess, be careful!! I'm not a scrapbooker at all. I like my pictures to be the focus, instead of fancy papers and other embellishments. Up until last year, I printed out all my photos, but from now on, I'm just burning them to disk (which I did anyway) and leaving it at that. I don't know that I have any more room for photo boxes!
Jacki said…
Soooooo...did she make it? I'm dying to know! :)
Someday I will have time to scrapbook. I've heard of digital scrapbook, which I could do. Again, someday when I have time :)
A cat's collar bone isn't attached to other bones, it's attached to muscle. That means, if they can get their head through the opening, they can get their body through.

I understand about the scrapbooking thing. My mom tried to get me sucked in but I never caved. Years later she is still stuck on my high school books and I have 6 photo albums full of pictures.
Anonymous said…
I would say yes, she made it. I know how determined a cat can be. :)

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