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Wordless Whisker Wednesday


Could it be?!?

Yes, a post two days in a row!!!

I have spent the morning trying to organize my pictures on line and I'm realizing it's been busy here!

1. Baby Girl was involved in a PSA abt saving water. Not only did they film it in the classroom (she was the well),

they also got to take a field trip to the court house to do it for the local County Commissioners.

2. #1 Son had a Trampoline-a-thon for his gymnastics class. The goal was to do as many tricks on the trampoline in 2 min.

He did 139! He came in 2nd in his class and 3rd overall.

3. One of the moms at ballet noticed I was a crafter and asked me if I did any cross stitch. Once she found out I did, she gave me this.

She knows an older woman who has lost a lot of her sight and can no longer stitch and she wanted to pass it on to somebody who would appreciate her supplies. The straw bag has lots of patterns and fabric in it and the other container holds floss. Both sides are full! What a fantastic surprise!

4. While I showed you…

Inching Along on a Saturday Night

So here I am with less than 10 days to go and this is what I've done so far.


I haven't given up on it though. I plan on working on it for the rest of the night. I've got a couple of movies saved on DVR that will be perfect for a night of knitting (and knitting and knitting!)

This wrap has gone thru a few changes. I originally planned on using a pattern from a baby blanket which meant that if I wanted it to look right, I needed to work it across the LONG way, which explains the 350+ stitches on my needles. But as I worked the moss stitch border, I'm realizing that the silver thru the yarn makes any pattern blend together. Esp to people who have no idea abt knitting. So instead of adding in the pattern, I'm doing a stockinette stitch with a knit border. It was actually Baby Girl's idea. She figures that no pattern will go faster than with one. She's a smart girl! I figure if I can at least get close, I can make it a shrug by sewing up the sides …

The Other Side of March

So what happened?? The last I wrote, I was up and running and able to post more. Hmmm. And yet not so much. My emails are back being a pain again. AO-h*ll is being a BIG problem. The IO thought he fixed it by downloading their special desktop, but now I can't even access my emails. NOT a good thing. I think it's time to leave AOL behind. I used to use Comcast exclusively, but when the IO decided to get rid of Comcast (he goes thru these phases and likes to change a good thing) I reactivated my AOL acct. When we went back to Comcast, I kept AOL. I tried signing up with gmail, but I had issues with them too. I may pay for Comcast service, but it works and very RARELY gives me a problem.

Since I haven't been on, I'm getting lots done, right?? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha.


I have such good intentions but we all know what road that paves. I think I did 3 rounds of my FX socks, and 6 rounds of my charity socks. What abt the wrap that needs to be done by the 3…

Up and Running!

Well that took longer than expected. We had issues with the operating system ~and~ our internet connection, but right now all seems well. I'm still not completely done, I don't have all my pics transferred back to this computer so all I've got is what was on my camera. Lots there, but no saved shots from before to post.

That being said, here is an update of Too Pooped.

I've done more on the tree trunk. Did as much as I could before I got browned out.

Really little is being done on my knitting. My charity sock in worsted weight has only been recently been touched. Like yesterday. And my Kroy FX sock?? Ripped out and started again.

I think I'm on row 4 or 5.

My kitty blanket is almost 3" deep. Since nothing is really *moving* me, I started a wrap for Baby Girl.

I cast on 354 stitches yesterday. I'm using a fine weight yarn,

white with a poly silver fiber, and size 6 needles. Did I mention I need/want this done by March 30th? Three hundred fifty-f…