Could it be?!?

Yes, a post two days in a row!!!

I have spent the morning trying to organize my pictures on line and I'm realizing it's been busy here!

1. Baby Girl was involved in a PSA abt saving water. Not only did they film it in the classroom (she was the well),

they also got to take a field trip to the court house to do it for the local County Commissioners.

2. #1 Son had a Trampoline-a-thon for his gymnastics class. The goal was to do as many tricks on the trampoline in 2 min.

He did 139! He came in 2nd in his class and 3rd overall.

3. One of the moms at ballet noticed I was a crafter and asked me if I did any cross stitch. Once she found out I did, she gave me this.

She knows an older woman who has lost a lot of her sight and can no longer stitch and she wanted to pass it on to somebody who would appreciate her supplies. The straw bag has lots of patterns and fabric in it and the other container holds floss. Both sides are full! What a fantastic surprise!

4. While I showed you my yarn that I'm using in Baby Girl's Wrap, I didn't show you these.

They were on clearance at Joann's and I wanted to try them.

Aren't they cool?? I haven't cast on anything with them yet, but I think they will be interesting to use when I'm watching TV.

5. It hasn't been all fun and games at Happy Acres. We've had some vandals in the area and a couple of Saturdays ago, we were woken up by a cop telling us to come check out our van.

We were one of 3 or 4 in the area that had been hit that night. There were some a couple of weeks prior and we found out yesterday that there were more this past wknd too. What made that mess?

A marble! Apparently they have a paint ball gun and are shooting out windows as they cruise the neighborhood. We don't have room in the garage to park in there, but we do park closer to the house now. They seem to only go after the cars close to the road. Easier access for their marbles to hit.

6. Thankfully when this happened we weren't having weather like this.

It's been really rainy and this was a really bad storm that passed thru. As you can see the entire front yard was flooded. What's good abt living in a sandy area is that 20 min later the majority of the water is gone.

Come back soon. I should have the quilt show and our trip to Bok Tower up this week.

So there you have it. Add in a few other things that didn't get documented with pictures and that has been the past month. Hmmmmm, so for those people who are in ruts or are bored out of their minds, please tell me how you do it?? I could use a bit of boredom right abt now.


Anonymous said…
Wow! What a great stash gift ---- that's the same floss case I used to have. My buckle broke and I haven't been able to find another one like it. Bummer!

Sorry to hear about the van. Hope insurance will cover it.
Jacki said…
Lots of interesting things going on at Happy Acres!!
Jacki said…
Oh and p.s., how powerful must that paintball gun have been to knock out that much glass with a marble!!
Jennifer said…
Love the PSA... hate the vandalism. What a headache. So sorry.
June said…
Oh! I remember going to Bok Tower!
My daughter & I used to go there a lot when we lived in Kissimmee. There used to be a fabric store on the way that we visited, too. I think it was on hwy 27 maybe. Too many years ago to remember. Love the basket & threads, hate that you had car damage.
Brigitte said…
Wow, that is a great gift!

That really sucks about your van! Vandalism... I hope your insurance will cover it.
stitcherw said…
How rotton on your Van window, I do don't understand how breaking something like that can be fun for someone. Hopefully insurance covered it and you don't have any more instances. Nice progress on Too Pooped, that is such a cute piece, all the browns though would be hard to keep your interest for an extended period. Fun earlier picture of the lizard on the lamp, although looking up and seeing the little guy peering at you over the edge would give you a start.

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