Inching Along on a Saturday Night

So here I am with less than 10 days to go and this is what I've done so far.


I haven't given up on it though. I plan on working on it for the rest of the night. I've got a couple of movies saved on DVR that will be perfect for a night of knitting (and knitting and knitting!)

This wrap has gone thru a few changes. I originally planned on using a pattern from a baby blanket which meant that if I wanted it to look right, I needed to work it across the LONG way, which explains the 350+ stitches on my needles. But as I worked the moss stitch border, I'm realizing that the silver thru the yarn makes any pattern blend together. Esp to people who have no idea abt knitting. So instead of adding in the pattern, I'm doing a stockinette stitch with a knit border. It was actually Baby Girl's idea. She figures that no pattern will go faster than with one. She's a smart girl! I figure if I can at least get close, I can make it a shrug by sewing up the sides for the arms. We'll see.

Speaking of Baby Girl, today's sky is brought to you by her.

We've been having some nice weather FINALLY. The news has been abt the nice weather, but also abt how allergy season will be worse this year because it went from super cold to nice very quickly which meant everything is blooming at once. The rugrats can attest to that fact as well. They are also talking abt the shortages of cabbage and tomatoes because of how long the cold weather lasted. In fact, the local fast food places have said they would add a tomato if you want it on your burger, but you have to ASK for it right now instead of it just being automatically put on it. By mid April, we should be back on track, but until then, the prices will be higher than normal.

Ok, there was my break. Back to knitting and purling......


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