The Other Side of March

So what happened?? The last I wrote, I was up and running and able to post more. Hmmm. And yet not so much. My emails are back being a pain again. AO-h*ll is being a BIG problem. The IO thought he fixed it by downloading their special desktop, but now I can't even access my emails. NOT a good thing. I think it's time to leave AOL behind. I used to use Comcast exclusively, but when the IO decided to get rid of Comcast (he goes thru these phases and likes to change a good thing) I reactivated my AOL acct. When we went back to Comcast, I kept AOL. I tried signing up with gmail, but I had issues with them too. I may pay for Comcast service, but it works and very RARELY gives me a problem.

Since I haven't been on, I'm getting lots done, right?? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha.


I have such good intentions but we all know what road that paves. I think I did 3 rounds of my FX socks, and 6 rounds of my charity socks. What abt the wrap that needs to be done by the 30th?? I did a row last night. 354 stitchs is a LOT! AND I can't really work on it in the car. Ballet and gymnastics have been used for running errands. I've also been hanging out my therapist shingle for a few of my friends. Everybody seems to have something going on right now and I'm the person who can keep things in the vault. I'm like Vegas; what is said in/with Vegas stays with Vegas.

Meanwhile *my* therapy has been Facebook.

And this is a sure sign that we watch a lot of Food Network!!

Mudpie drinks that include a garnish!


Anonymous said…
Cute drink!

Must be going around with the "therapy" stuffs ---- everybody seems a little down. I think the weird weather has everyone a little off.

Oh well .... I really don't mind listening and I'm like you --- what happens at "lunch" STAYS "at lunch".

Hope you have a good week. Well, what's left of it anyway.

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