Up and Running!

Well that took longer than expected. We had issues with the operating system ~and~ our internet connection, but right now all seems well. I'm still not completely done, I don't have all my pics transferred back to this computer so all I've got is what was on my camera. Lots there, but no saved shots from before to post.

That being said, here is an update of Too Pooped.

I've done more on the tree trunk. Did as much as I could before I got browned out.

Really little is being done on my knitting. My charity sock in worsted weight has only been recently been touched. Like yesterday. And my Kroy FX sock?? Ripped out and started again.

I think I'm on row 4 or 5.

My kitty blanket is almost 3" deep. Since nothing is really *moving* me, I started a wrap for Baby Girl.

I cast on 354 stitches yesterday. I'm using a fine weight yarn,

white with a poly silver fiber, and size 6 needles. Did I mention I need/want this done by March 30th? Three hundred fifty-four stitches wide, fine weight yarn, size 6needle for a total of 14 inches high. In 20 days.

Yes I am that insane.

No quilting being done, but I did go to a quilt show last week and took some pics. I'll be posting those later this week.

Now that I'm back on line, hopefully I'll be able to post more. With more than kitty posts, too!


Anonymous said…
What happens on March 30?
SusieH said…
Glad you're back. Too Pooped is looking fabulous! And I know what you'll be working on for the next two weeks, I guess. Is the wrap patterned or solid stockinette? Pretty yarn!
Brigitte said…
I'm always so fascinated when I look at how real needlepoint is done. It amazes me how you can take a blank piece of cloth, and stitch a design on it just by looking at a picture. Amazing stuff!
Ruth said…
Glad to see you back. I've been whining about doing 230 stitches (using worsted wt and sz 6's) and having to purl. I guess I'll stop whining now. Good luck on the knitting!
June said…
Glad you are back, I have missed you. I think it's that time of year that it is hard to get things done. Spring fever, maybe?
Jane said…
Your cross stitch is growing! Looks great.

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