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Pitter Patter of Little Socks

Here are two more pairs of socks finished.

Some rainbow socks with purple toes.

and some navy blue socks.

These look almost black, but they are navy blue. That is such a hard color to capture on my camera.

I've got one baby pink sock done and I'm hoping to have the mate done soon. And then maybe a pair of black ones. I know, black isn't normally something you'd see on a baby, but I think that's why it might do well.

On a side note, we went to the library last Friday and we all checked something out. I got some DVDs, #1 Son got a book he was already in the middle of reading but left at school, and this is what Baby Girl got.

I told her she was limited to 30 books. Yes THIRTY. She has read half that pile and she'll probably finish the rest of them off this wknd.

That's my girl!


I'm already mixing up the days for the Knit/Crochet Blog-a-long because some days move me more than others. Today I'm using the Wild Card Day.

All Tooled Up - Do you have a particular knitting/crochet tool or piece of equipment that you love to use? Maybe it is an old bent pair of needles that used to belong to someone special, or a gorgeous rosewood hand-turned crochet hook that you just love the feel of? Write about what you love it.

I almost passed on this one too, but then I remembered an important tool that I had to use for my sock knitting. I've been working on a lot of baby socks lately, but I don't always have a needle with me to kitchener the toe closed. Which means I can't start another sock because I don't have enough needles to keep them both going. This happened twice to me during ballet. I started thinking there has to be SOMETHING that I can pass these live stitches onto until I have a needle to close up the toe. I tried a straw, but it didn&…

Knitcroblo Day 2 (and a surprise visitor)

An Inspirational Pattern - Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to. Whether it happens to be because the skills needed are ones which you have not yet acquired, or just because it seems like a huge undertaking of time and dedication, most people feel they still have something to aspire to in their craft. If you don’t feel like you have any left of the mountain of learning yet to climb, say so!

I'd like to eventually learn to knit a sock toe up or maybe learn continental, but for now, I'm happy with my knitting. I knit to decompress and right now trying to learn something new requires more brain cells than I've got or want to use at the moment. That doesn't mean I'll never try them though. Gotta keep my options open!

That being said, there is a pattern in my arsenal that I do want to eventually do. It's a design by Maddy Laine called Flower Boxes. I bought this awhile ago, even started it, but the lacy flower part just didn't look right. And …

Knitting And Crocheting Blog Week

In an attempt to blog more (at least for this week), I'm participating in

brought to you by Eskimimi Knits. Today's topic is:

Starting Out:How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting?

The short version? My mother taught me.

Now here's the rest of the story. She learned when she was young and would occasionally work on a project, but it wasn't that often since we lived in Miami and wool knits weren't exactly the type of clothing needed for our climate.

(my mother is the one on the far left)

However, one day she decided to knit up an afghan for the bed. She made squares 12x12 in pastels (purple, green and blue) in a basketweave pattern. This got her sister going and she started making squares out of browns, oranges and a marbled version of the two colors mixed (can you tell it was the 70s??). This is when she taught me to knit. I loved the knitting but not the brown yarn. I had nothing to make with it so I never kept it up. She never did finish that blanket b…

Yes I *do* still exist!

Wow it's been awhile since I've posted! Some of it is because it's been busy here, some of it is because I just haven't had the desire. I'm also becoming a Facebook game addict. I tend to leave it on during the day and will plant some corn or harvest some grapes or plate up some virtual food between loads of laundry and running around with the kids.

In fact, while I'm writing this post, I have another window open on Country Life (a facebook game). I have some knitting next to me and non-virtual clothes that need to be folded. Hemi's helping with the pressing.

AND I have the tv show Glee on. It's a repeat of their tribute to Madonna. Ok so how old am I that they are having a retrospective of a woman I would watch on MTV back in the day?? A woman who was scandalous for crawling all over the stage in a bridal gown singing Like A Virgin, and yet here she is being analyzed for the subtext in her music!


History sure is a funny thing.

Speaking of …

A tisket a tasket

....Lucy's in her basket.

Somebody put this basket on the piano to get it out of the way and Lucy has made it her own. She can either turn her back on the outside or turn her back on us.

You can go away now.

Monday Meme Movies

Karen from Musings of a (mostly) Self-Taught Knitter had posted a meme today that I thought I would do. I watch a LOT of movies here at Happy Acres and felt this would be a fun one to do.

Name a film that you have seen more than 10 times.
Hmmmm, there are quite a few of them. The Sure Thing, While You Were Sleeping, What's Up Doc, and Foul Play are just a couple.

Name a film that you’ve seen multiple times in the cinema.
That would be Grease. I think we saw it in the theatre abt 30 times. No joke. It was my mother's favorite movie and I was abt the only one who would go with her after awhile. I still remember the price of a ticket, $3 for her and $1.50 for me.

Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a film.
It used to be Tom Cruise back in the day, but he got weird. Today it be John Cusack. He's a bit weird, too, but in an IO sort of way.

Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a film.
I don't have one. If the movie looks like one I want to see and…

Getting back into gear

Even though the IO still isn't employed, schedules of school, ballet and gymnastics resume tomorrow. Spring break is abt to end and I have to say, it was a much needed break. The week before included 2 field days,

a SeaWorld field trip,

a dinner party with some long-time-no-see friends and a religious celebration.

Did I mention the celebration was after the Sea World field trip and the dinner party was after a field day?!? While everything was fun and enjoyable, it was good to have some downtime after all of that. No schedules, no place to be, just kids being kids.

Can you see them? Look toward the top. You might even want to click on the pic to make it bigger. See them now???

Yep, my little monkeys climbed REALLY high this time.

Hope they enjoyed it because it will be the last time for a LONG time. #1 Son came down ok, but the IO had to climb up to get Baby Girl. He was NOT a happy camper after that one!!!

We've been getting some warm temps this past week as well, …

Climb Every Mountain

Living in Florida, there aren't many mountains around. In fact, the highest spot anywhere in FL is below 350 feet.

Break out the oxygen!

However when the rugrats were with my in laws, my mil gave us tickets to Bok Tower Gardens. Depending on the website you go to, Bok Tower is the highest spot in peninsular Florida (the part that sticks out). (when you do a google search, some places say Bok Tower is the highest, others say Sugar Loaf Mountain is. Bok Tower had a sign to back up their claim; click on photo to make it readable).

Either way, we had a really nice time.

This sign just cracked me up!

Apparently there has been much confusion in the past!

This led to a building that housed all the history and info on Bok Tower and the gardens. They even had some crafty replicas of the tower.

One in string

and one in leather.

look at the detailed work!

Here's what the tower looks like in real life

with a close up of the gold door.

It's a 60 bell carillon and they play it twice a da…

Saturday Soul Searching

Simplifying. I need to do it but don't know where to start. I don't even know if I can. Plus I'm still the go-to person for support. One friend is worried her husband might lose his job in 3 months. This makes her nervous since her daughter will be getting married in November and the place they are looking at will be abt $14,000. My nephew is depressed because he would love to be married, but can't find a girl. Plus he hates his job. One friend is ticked off that the Mother/Son event at school is not what she wants and blames the PTO for not doing it properly. Another friend has to bury her 22 y/o step daughter.

Meanwhile I have a family to take care of. The next couple of months will be VERY hectic with events scheduled back to back. Oh and did I mention that the IO is not employed?!? He's a computer engineer who does contract work, but with the bad economy, the contracts are ending sooner. The one he was on was suspended because the company he was w…

Virtual Quilt Show

Welcome to Happy Acres Virtual Quilt Show. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Every year there is a theme. Challenges are set and guild members participate. It's interesting to see what people come up with.

This year we had houses,


and more houses.

There were quite a few pastel quilts

also with a theme.

Some added a retro feel.

I really like these dresses. The details added to the dresses really make the quilts sing. And that first one would be perfect in Baby Girl's room.

The details in this Victorian Crazy Quilt

are really amazing. You can click on the above quilt to see the details, but here are a few of my favorites from it.

I love the cross stitched piece. Notice, another house.

LOVE the teapot and cup set.

Probably left over from some curtains or pillow.

There was also another crazy quilt, this time in neutrals.

I usually love color in my quilts, but there are a few neutrals that catch my eye. Here is another neutral quilt.

Who knew beige could have such depth!