Climb Every Mountain

Living in Florida, there aren't many mountains around. In fact, the highest spot anywhere in FL is below 350 feet.

Break out the oxygen!

However when the rugrats were with my in laws, my mil gave us tickets to Bok Tower Gardens. Depending on the website you go to, Bok Tower is the highest spot in peninsular Florida (the part that sticks out). (when you do a google search, some places say Bok Tower is the highest, others say Sugar Loaf Mountain is. Bok Tower had a sign to back up their claim; click on photo to make it readable).

Either way, we had a really nice time.

This sign just cracked me up!

Apparently there has been much confusion in the past!

This led to a building that housed all the history and info on Bok Tower and the gardens. They even had some crafty replicas of the tower.

One in string

and one in leather.

look at the detailed work!

Here's what the tower looks like in real life

with a close up of the gold door.

It's a 60 bell carillon and they play it twice a day. You could hear it anywhere on the property. While that was really amazing and beautiful to hear, the parts I enjoyed were the gardens.

It was SOOO relaxing. At one point I sat down on a bench that was just off the beaten path, hidden behind a tree. This was my view.

I decided this was my tree and started imagining a hammock under it and a place where I could put a book and an umbrella'd drink. Behind me I had some blue jays flitting about. Sometimes getting close, but would flit back when the camera came out.

Meanwhile the IO was playing with the local fauna

This guy came right up to the IO, but lost interest when he realized all he had to offer were some acorns from the ground.

He wasn't the only one looking for some food so off to the visitor's center we went and to the Blue Palmetto Cafe.

Yes these are real plants! Talk about your decorative curtains.

I was surprised they had such fresh food to offer. The IO got some fried fish and chips, but I went more for the natural approach.

This is their Blueberry Chicken Salad. OMG was it good! It had dried blueberries (which I never heard of before-YUMMY!) along with feta cheese, strawberries and some sugared pecans. Oh those were SOO good! With a blueberry vinaigrette dressing. I would definitely get it again. I can still taste those sugared pecans.

I took so many pics, but as usual, they never seem to do the place justice. I hope you enjoyed your small virtual taste of Bok Tower.

I know we did.


SusieH said…
Lynn, that was a mini-vacation just reading it! What a beautiful spot :)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE Bok Gardens. We've been there a couple of times.

Did you do spook hill too?

You took great pictures.
stitcherw said…
Looks like a wonderful place to visit, what a lovely outing. The salad looked delicious.
June said…
Your photos and descriptions brought back some really good memories. Some things have changed, some haven't. Thanks for sharing.

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