Getting back into gear

Even though the IO still isn't employed, schedules of school, ballet and gymnastics resume tomorrow. Spring break is abt to end and I have to say, it was a much needed break. The week before included 2 field days,

a SeaWorld field trip,

a dinner party with some long-time-no-see friends and a religious celebration.

Did I mention the celebration was after the Sea World field trip and the dinner party was after a field day?!? While everything was fun and enjoyable, it was good to have some downtime after all of that. No schedules, no place to be, just kids being kids.

Can you see them? Look toward the top. You might even want to click on the pic to make it bigger. See them now???

Yep, my little monkeys climbed REALLY high this time.

Hope they enjoyed it because it will be the last time for a LONG time. #1 Son came down ok, but the IO had to climb up to get Baby Girl. He was NOT a happy camper after that one!!!

We've been getting some warm temps this past week as well, hitting 80+ a few times this week. I had to put the a/c on for a few hours in the afternoon, but it's been nice to have some warmth for a change. (I don't start complaining abt the weather until we hit 90 for days/weeks/months on end. Which should be soon.) We had a cool front go thru which brought us back down to the 70s. We had a beautiful morning this AM, but I didn't get my Saturday Sky in time because by mid afternoon, it looked like this the rest of the day.

That's ok, we'll be blinded soon enough (re-read above statement of 90+ weather for days/weeks/months on end).

Hope you're all enjoying some beautiful Spring weather!


SusieH said…
Makin' memories...lots and lots of fun memories! The kids look so grownup and lovely in that one picture. I love her dress :)
Anonymous said…
That is a great tree for climbing. Glad the kids had plenty of time for just being kids and Bill did too. He got to go for a tree-climb!
Ruth in So. MD said…
Wow, you're brave! I would've never attempted anything after a Sea World trip. Especially one that involves dressing up.

We had 2-3 days of 90 degree weather last week, believe it or not. We're back to regular spring now, though, so it's good.

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