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In an attempt to blog more (at least for this week), I'm participating in

brought to you by Eskimimi Knits. Today's topic is:

Starting Out: How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting?

The short version? My mother taught me.

Now here's the rest of the story. She learned when she was young and would occasionally work on a project, but it wasn't that often since we lived in Miami and wool knits weren't exactly the type of clothing needed for our climate.

(my mother is the one on the far left)

However, one day she decided to knit up an afghan for the bed. She made squares 12x12 in pastels (purple, green and blue) in a basketweave pattern. This got her sister going and she started making squares out of browns, oranges and a marbled version of the two colors mixed (can you tell it was the 70s??). This is when she taught me to knit. I loved the knitting but not the brown yarn. I had nothing to make with it so I never kept it up. She never did finish that blanket before she died in 1980. I kept it and decided I would eventually finish it off, and I did. Seamed it up with thread too!! (what did I know?!?!) I've thought abt ripping it out and seaming it properly, but just can't do it. Reminds me of when I worked on it.

When I was 13 I make a Barbie coat (which I was very proud of since I'd never done shaping before). Then I didn't do much more with knitting until I moved to NY and saw a sweater in a Family Circle Magazine in the late 80s. Went to a yarn shop in Riverhead, NY and bought some bulky grey yarn. Once that was done I bought some yarn for a cotton blend sweater, but soon after we moved back to FL and my desire to knit faded while my desire to cross stitch got stronger.

It wasn't until 2001 when #1 Son was 2 and I was pregnant with Baby Girl that I picked up knitting again and have been consistent with it ever since.

Come back tomorrow to see what question 2 will be. And if you want to participate, it's never too late to just jump right in! You don't have to sign up anywhere, all that was mentioned was to tag these posts with the knitcroblo and the number day we are on. Let me know if you participate, I'd love to read it.


Karen said…
Cool story!! And oh yes, those 70s color combos. LOL
Dee said…
You look a lot like your Mom!

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