Pitter Patter of Little Socks

Here are two more pairs of socks finished.

Some rainbow socks with purple toes.

and some navy blue socks.

These look almost black, but they are navy blue. That is such a hard color to capture on my camera.

I've got one baby pink sock done and I'm hoping to have the mate done soon. And then maybe a pair of black ones. I know, black isn't normally something you'd see on a baby, but I think that's why it might do well.

On a side note, we went to the library last Friday and we all checked something out. I got some DVDs, #1 Son got a book he was already in the middle of reading but left at school, and this is what Baby Girl got.

I told her she was limited to 30 books. Yes THIRTY. She has read half that pile and she'll probably finish the rest of them off this wknd.

That's my girl!


Knittymuggins said…
Love the wee little socks!

Hee hee. That sounds like something I would have done when I was little. I read books cover to cover one right after the other - sometimes several in a day. I'm glad to hear Baby Girl is a kindred spirit :)

That was so me as as kid! And I would do the same thing, read half of them in a single evening!
Brigitte said…
Oh, that's AWESOME, Baby Girl! Keep it up!

(How cute are those socks!!)
stitcherw said…
I love finding things at our library too. Loved the huge stack of books, what a reader she is. My DD used to love to read at that age too, really helped her in school to get through all the reading and assignments and such. She still loves to read, she found a hugh block long multi story bookstore in Oregon (I've forgotten the name) and she thought she was in heaven, figured she could move in and live there, LOL.

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