Saturday Soul Searching

Simplifying. I need to do it but don't know where to start. I don't even know if I can. Plus I'm still the go-to person for support. One friend is worried her husband might lose his job in 3 months. This makes her nervous since her daughter will be getting married in November and the place they are looking at will be abt $14,000. My nephew is depressed because he would love to be married, but can't find a girl. Plus he hates his job. One friend is ticked off that the Mother/Son event at school is not what she wants and blames the PTO for not doing it properly. Another friend has to bury her 22 y/o step daughter.

Meanwhile I have a family to take care of. The next couple of months will be VERY hectic with events scheduled back to back. Oh and did I mention that the IO is not employed?!? He's a computer engineer who does contract work, but with the bad economy, the contracts are ending sooner. The one he was on was suspended because the company he was working with can't make up their minds as to what direction to go in. They told him it *might* be picked up in a month. We've heard that before and I'm not holding my breath. He's got irons in the fire, one of them a permanent position (the one I'm REALLY hoping for), but I still have ballet costumes and an Epcot field trip to pay for. Oh yeah, and a mortgage. This could explain the funk I'm in and why I'm trying to escape life with my virtual worlds on Facebook. Just a couple of clicks and I have milked my cows, cooked Peking Duck and started contruction on a tree house. Virtual life is so much easier.

But I soldier on. At least I'm not burying a family member. (she's got us ALL beat and the one I worry abt the most). So this explains why I've been scarce lately. I want this blog to be upbeat so I've been waiting a bit to post. Thank goodness for kitties and quilt shows!

Since I've been spending so much time on Facebook, I'm not getting much done on any of my projects. Baby Girl's shawl didn't get done. I haven't picked up my stitching. And yet I somehow got talked into participating in a local artisan's craft show. Huh. Maybe *I'm* the reason I can't simplify...... So I'm working on baby items. Quick and easy and stash busting. So far I have these.

I'm almost done with a matching hat. After the hat I plan on sticking with only baby socks. Did I mention the show will be May 1st?

And since this is a Saturday, here is my sky.

The weather has been really nice lately, let's hope it keeps it up.


Susan said…
I'm sorry to hear that things are stressful. Crappy things never happen singly and sometimes it seems that we get buried in them for months. Hope things get brighter soon!
Anonymous said…
stitcherw said…
You do have your hands full. Between trying to deal with all your friends issues and the stress of worring about your own, no wonder you want to laze around on your facebook island. Sending a big cyber {{{hug}}} that things get better soon (and stay that way).
Sending good thoughts your way. I know what it's like to be the go to person when people need a shoulder to lean on. Just keep on adding pleasant things to your routine and find someone for *you* to lean on when things get tough.
SusieH said…
Prayers and positive thoughts your way...
Lynn, I am sorry you have so much on your mind. But, honestly, I like to read a post every once in a while that is "real" in the sense that ALL of us have bad days, problems, and things on our mind. Sometimes it's great to let it go into cyberspace and get it out of your head.

People that have read your blog for years know that you're a positive person. Letting out some emotional steam once in a while isn't a bad thing. I hope it was cathardic...
Linda said…
Hi Lynn,
Sorry you're have a bad time. Been there Done that. I wanted to thank you again for sending me the info on the CAT MATS. However, I thought I had saved it safely, but I guess not cause I can't find it. If you have the time I would really appreciate it if you could send me the stats again on the cat mats and also do you knit 1 row and purl 1 row or is it all knit? If you don't have the time I understand. Hope things get better for you.
Anonymous said…
It seems that everywhere the stress meters are working overtime, while those that wish to work at all are stressed at not being able to. I hope things work out soon for the IO, and all of your family and friends.

The little socks are adorable. I love making them. They are great gifts. But my poor old hands get so cramped working on something that small. Otherwise I would make a lot more of them than I do.

Take care, keep well, keep smiling! :)
Vivian said…
Lynn, so sorry to hear about your hubby's job situation, hope he's getting closer to the perm job by now. I know so many people out of work in the last year or two. Today another friend called and said he got laidoff. Stressful days for many. Knit on!

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