A tisket a tasket

....Lucy's in her basket.

Somebody put this basket on the piano to get it out of the way and Lucy has made it her own. She can either turn her back on the outside or turn her back on us.

You can go away now.


Anonymous said…
Awwww...basket o' cat -- how cute.
Bridget said…
Well, now you can't move it, you know ...
Anonymous said…
Boy, have you been busy, and I've been remiss in visiting. Loved that story of the kids in the tree, and the IO having to rescue baby girl. Now she knows it's easier getting up there than getting down. :) I'm just happy neither of them were injured, and I'm sure you were too.

It's odd to see your kids are outside and wearing shorts, and I am still needing a coat, but I will appreciate the difference more in July and August, I'm sure. :)

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