Yes I *do* still exist!

Wow it's been awhile since I've posted! Some of it is because it's been busy here, some of it is because I just haven't had the desire. I'm also becoming a Facebook game addict. I tend to leave it on during the day and will plant some corn or harvest some grapes or plate up some virtual food between loads of laundry and running around with the kids.

In fact, while I'm writing this post, I have another window open on Country Life (a facebook game). I have some knitting next to me and non-virtual clothes that need to be folded. Hemi's helping with the pressing.

AND I have the tv show Glee on. It's a repeat of their tribute to Madonna. Ok so how old am I that they are having a retrospective of a woman I would watch on MTV back in the day?? A woman who was scandalous for crawling all over the stage in a bridal gown singing Like A Virgin, and yet here she is being analyzed for the subtext in her music!


History sure is a funny thing.

Speaking of history and *old*, the IO has been going thru some old LPs and while the kids have seen these before, they apparently don't remember seeing the smaller 45s.

Their reaction?? AWWWWW they are SO cute!!! I really do wish I had an old record player so they could actually listen to these records instead of just looking at them. CDs just don't *pop* and *hiss* the same way. I know I can get one from Target, but it is VERY low on the list of things to spend money on.

Speaking of money, no, the IO is not employed yet. He's been on two different interviews; one we know he didn't get, the other one we're still waiting to hear abt. A third phone interview was promising, esp since it was for contract work with Disney. That's the one he really wants. We'll see how it goes. This is just another example why I have stash!!!! For those lean times when shopping just isn't possible.

I do have some knitting to show, a pair of baby socks.

I have another pair done plus one of a third pair, but no pics yet. I'm trying to get as many done for this craft thing next week as possible, but I'm not a fast knitter and my hands do tend to cramp up after I've been knitting for awhile. We'll see how it goes.

And since I feel every day should be Earth Day, here's a little bit of sun for you.

A lone sunflower among the weeds.


Anonymous said…
Very pretty sunflower.

Glad to see you blogging again. I've missed reading your posts.
Susan said…
Yes, a large stash is very important. At least that's how I rationalize it. Hope the IO gets work soon.
Anonymous said…
Since I graduated 50 years ago come June, I definitely know what those little "awww so cute" things are for. And up until last summer, I even had a record player to use them on. But since I don't listen to the records any longer, I finally tossed it.

Love the baby socks, and the sunflower is adorable. See, you can grow something! :)

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