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In good company

I've been catching up on my blog reading these past couple of days and it's amazing to me how many have started posts with "Has it been that long since I last posted?" or "I can't believe it's been x days since I last posted!". So I'm not the only one who's been slipping a bit. And while there are a few of you who have been productive, it seems a lot of us are not getting much done these days. Is it the better weather, the ending (and busy) days of school? Summer seems to do that to knitting.... Either way it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who is (too) busy these days.

That being said, because I haven't posted much, I've had incentive to work on some projects so I'd have something to post about. The winner this time around were my dolphins.


There are a total of 4 dolphins in this project and I've worked on 3. Most of the ocean surrounding them is 1/2 stitches which will make those areas g…

Saturday Sky

The one thing I have come to learn abt blogging is the less you do it, the harder it becomes. I've been sitting here trying to figure out what I want to blog abt and I'm drawing a blank. Thank goodness for my Saturday Sky.

I should have taken a picture before noon, because by 2pm, it was raining.

I have no knitting progress to show you, but I did find out there is a newly formed knitting group that I want to go to. They met last night and I was hoping to meet up with them, but then the IO wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. So I stayed home. Honestly I think the best time to try to meet up with them will be once school ends.

Speaking of school ending, we are getting REALLY close to summer break. Eight days to be exact. In fact, the last week is filled with movie field trips (yes yet another one) yearbook signings, parties and graduations. There was one graduation already held for D.A.R.E., a program to educate the kids on the dangers of smoking, drug and alco…

Actual Stitching Updates!

Yes actual stitching updates!!! Amazing huh??

First up, the last pair of baby socks for the craft show.

Now that the show is out of the way, I can now knit what I want, when I want. I really don't like knitting for a deadline. Too stressful and it takes all the joy out of it. And since it's the beginning of summer, there is no stress to HAVE to get socks done before the season is over. So I am able to knit stress free which makes knitting move along alot faster! Here are the socks I'm working on now.

This is sock #1. I hope to have a pair by the end of June, but since I won't need them until the end of October, there's no stress if they aren't done until then.

I also pulled out my dolphins for #1 Son.
Before pic

After pic

I'm making progress, though I wont have it done before he graduates elementary school. Again, no worries. I'm trying to move into a no stress zone.

We'll see how that works out.

The Other Side of the Mountain

While there are a few things left in the month of May, the bulk of the events are over.

I can now breathe.

Today I did nothing. In fact I never got out of my pjs. I was going to make some bacon and eggs for the family, but I didn't have the energy. Sat down at the computer to check emails and even that felt like too much. So back to bed I went! After the past couple of weeks, I really needed that.

I looked back to see when my last post was and didnt realize it was back on the 9th. Haven't read any blogs since then either. I'm hoping to get caught up tomorrow.

I'll give you the cliff notes of what's been going on.

We had our mother/son event at the local bowling alley.

The entire place was rented out for our event which made it really nice. All the games we could bowl in 2 hours. Olive Garden was included. Yum! We had a nice time and hung out with some friends we have known since our kids were babies. Is it wrong that I felt the need to beat a 10 y/o in bo…

The Eye of the Storm

I was originally going to call this post The Calm Before the Storm, but then I realized I've already been thru one part of the storm, I'm actually in the eye. Calm tonight but the busiest part is yet to come.

It's been a little over a week since I last posted. So what's been happening?

An overnight field trip to SeaWorld

(he had a blast!)

a craft fair

(this was bad on SOOOO many levels)

another field trip (yes two in a week's time)

(a science field trip at the local park. The IO went on this one)

Plus ballet 3 times this week

and gymnastics. The year is winding down and performances are coming up so there are more days devoted to rehearsals.

AND last week was Teacher Appreciation week so we had flowers to pick and brownies to bake. Add in work and a wonderful friend taking me out to lunch, that was my week. While I enjoy every bit of it, having it spread out across a couple of weeks instead of 8 days would have been nicer.

This week? More work (my boss is trying to…