Actual Stitching Updates!

Yes actual stitching updates!!! Amazing huh??

First up, the last pair of baby socks for the craft show.

Now that the show is out of the way, I can now knit what I want, when I want. I really don't like knitting for a deadline. Too stressful and it takes all the joy out of it. And since it's the beginning of summer, there is no stress to HAVE to get socks done before the season is over. So I am able to knit stress free which makes knitting move along alot faster! Here are the socks I'm working on now.

This is sock #1. I hope to have a pair by the end of June, but since I won't need them until the end of October, there's no stress if they aren't done until then.

I also pulled out my dolphins for #1 Son.
Before pic

After pic

I'm making progress, though I wont have it done before he graduates elementary school. Again, no worries. I'm trying to move into a no stress zone.

We'll see how that works out.


Anonymous said…
Cute socks!
Marguerite said…
Reading through all your May events, I can sense your busyness. Sounds like you're smart enough to treat yourself with a little down time now. Bet the kids need it as much as you do.
stitcherw said…
Nice sock finish, and your others are looking good too. Great progress on the dolphins as well. Isn't it amazing how much quicker things seem to move when you don't have a deadline on them? I hate working to a deadline, even fun things seem like work that way. Enjoyed your earlier pictures, the outing looked like lots of fun (to bad it wasn't a bit cooler for you though) and baby girl made an adorable jack in the box.
The yarn for the variegated socks is pretty!

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