The Eye of the Storm

I was originally going to call this post The Calm Before the Storm, but then I realized I've already been thru one part of the storm, I'm actually in the eye. Calm tonight but the busiest part is yet to come.

It's been a little over a week since I last posted. So what's been happening?

An overnight field trip to SeaWorld

(he had a blast!)

a craft fair

(this was bad on SOOOO many levels)

another field trip (yes two in a week's time)

(a science field trip at the local park. The IO went on this one)

Plus ballet 3 times this week

and gymnastics. The year is winding down and performances are coming up so there are more days devoted to rehearsals.

AND last week was Teacher Appreciation week so we had flowers to pick and brownies to bake. Add in work and a wonderful friend taking me out to lunch, that was my week. While I enjoy every bit of it, having it spread out across a couple of weeks instead of 8 days would have been nicer.

This week? More work (my boss is trying to wrap up a few things before school ends), a book fair, a mother/son event, more rehearsals, a dress rehearsal and a performance. Plus company.

And the following week is a third field trip.

It's a test to see if I can deal with it all. I WILL win.

And then I will sleep for a week.


Dee said…
I bet the kids are having the time of their lives though. It will ALL be worth it. :-)
Jacki said…
Sounds like you've been busy! I wish I had you for a class parent - I got a great big nada for teacher appreciation week!
VCFibers said…
I feel your pain. I've been so busy for the last week and this week looks to be just as crazy. What made the craft fair so bad though?
SusieH said…
Do youremember that poster with the kitten hanging onto a screen door with its little claws? Hang in there, baby! Our crazy weeks come later, in July, because the school year is so much longer. Sending you moments of calm :)
stitcherw said…
Wow, it was a wild time for you. If it keeps up at this pace through school year end you're going to need a vacation more than the kids think they need one. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Hang in there, it will quite down. BTW, loved your earlier idea of using the bobby pin to hold the stitches on the one sock, very creative.

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