In good company

I've been catching up on my blog reading these past couple of days and it's amazing to me how many have started posts with "Has it been that long since I last posted?" or "I can't believe it's been x days since I last posted!". So I'm not the only one who's been slipping a bit. And while there are a few of you who have been productive, it seems a lot of us are not getting much done these days. Is it the better weather, the ending (and busy) days of school? Summer seems to do that to knitting.... Either way it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who is (too) busy these days.

That being said, because I haven't posted much, I've had incentive to work on some projects so I'd have something to post about. The winner this time around were my dolphins.


There are a total of 4 dolphins in this project and I've worked on 3. Most of the ocean surrounding them is 1/2 stitches which will make those areas go faster than the dolphins. If I want to make it more realistic, I could add some oil slicks or tar balls but I'd rather live in my own little world where beaches are still clean. In fact we plan on going to the ocean tomorrow while I still have an ocean to go to.

And as if there was nothing else going on, Tiger went missing for a bit. We saw her yesterday morning but I could tell she was hurt. She took off and I couldn't get to her. She's done this before when she had gotten into a fight with another cat and she'll nurse her wounds for a bit and then come home. This afternoon when I was cleaning out the van I called out for her to come. She eventually did and yep, she's hurt. She's got an area around her neck where her skin is just gone. Like it was ripped away. Of course it's a wknd so there isn't much I can do other than keep it clean. It's not infected so I'm going to watch it and see where it goes. She's sleeping right now and I do know this much, she is NOT going outside for the next couple of days!


Dee said…
Hope she'll be okay.

Which beach are you heading out to?
I think a lot of friends that blog are starting to give up their blogs. I try to blog once a week, because I like to park my thoughts there, but it doesn't always happen.

I hope Tiger is okay!

As far as oil in the ocean - I'm so heartbroken about this tragedy... wish there was more we could do.
Marguerite said…
I was planning to take this week off from blogging but just realized I took last week off from blogging.

There's just too much stuff going on this time of year. Sometimes we need to take a break (from blogging) and live an undocumented life for a while.
Kris said…
Love the dolphins. Hope Tiger heals up soon.

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