The Other Side of the Mountain

While there are a few things left in the month of May, the bulk of the events are over.

I can now breathe.

Today I did nothing. In fact I never got out of my pjs. I was going to make some bacon and eggs for the family, but I didn't have the energy. Sat down at the computer to check emails and even that felt like too much. So back to bed I went! After the past couple of weeks, I really needed that.

I looked back to see when my last post was and didnt realize it was back on the 9th. Haven't read any blogs since then either. I'm hoping to get caught up tomorrow.

I'll give you the cliff notes of what's been going on.

We had our mother/son event at the local bowling alley.

The entire place was rented out for our event which made it really nice. All the games we could bowl in 2 hours. Olive Garden was included. Yum! We had a nice time and hung out with some friends we have known since our kids were babies. Is it wrong that I felt the need to beat a 10 y/o in bowling?!?! And I'm not talking abt #1 Son either!!! His best friend is VERY competitive and loves to win. He owns a WII and bowls every chance he gets so it wasn't all that easy, but I still beat him 2 out of 3 games!! Best part of the night!!!

Next up, Baby Girl's ballet.

(she's second to last in line)
The week before we had a LOT of rehearsals, Saturday was the dress rehearsal and sunday was the performance. She was a jack-in-the-box in The Magic Toyshop, an adaptation of La Boutique Fantastique, and did a fantastic job as usual. Here we are waiting back stage ready to go on.

Once I get the video of her part from my nephew, I'll post that as well.

And then Friday was #1 Son's trip to Epcot.

It was great in the beginning, but around 3pm it got REALLY hot. This is when one of the girls got really cranky. Enough that I had to call their teacher to let her settle it. Once the teacher set her straight and then was distracted by some street performers

she was much better. They got on the bus to head home around 5pm, but we stayed with some friends to watch the fireworks. We didn't get home until midnight.

Saturday (was that only yesterday?) I was up and at 'em by 8:30 to help out a friend who's daughter was getting engaged that day and was having a surprise engagement party afterward. Which explains why I almost passed out just *thinking* abt making eggs this AM.

So there you have it. I actually have some knitting and stitching to share, but that will wait until tomorrow. I swear it was the only thing keeping me sane these past couple of weeks.


Anonymous said…
I'm tired just reading about it all. But, I remember those years fondly.

However, why don't schools space out their field trips and special events. EVERYTHING seems to take place the last couple of weeks.
SusieH said…
I agree with Dee - let's have some spacing!! Glad you survived, and hope that Monday is a nice slow day,too :)
VCFibers said…
Sounds busy but fun! Hope you have a little time to relax now.
I wish we lived close enough to go on fieldtrips to Epcot! :-)

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