Saturday Sky

The one thing I have come to learn abt blogging is the less you do it, the harder it becomes. I've been sitting here trying to figure out what I want to blog abt and I'm drawing a blank. Thank goodness for my Saturday Sky.

I should have taken a picture before noon, because by 2pm, it was raining.

I have no knitting progress to show you, but I did find out there is a newly formed knitting group that I want to go to. They met last night and I was hoping to meet up with them, but then the IO wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. So I stayed home. Honestly I think the best time to try to meet up with them will be once school ends.

Speaking of school ending, we are getting REALLY close to summer break. Eight days to be exact. In fact, the last week is filled with movie field trips (yes yet another one) yearbook signings, parties and graduations. There was one graduation already held for D.A.R.E., a program to educate the kids on the dangers of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse. It was a really good program, showing the amt of tar in smokers' lungs, funny goggles to give them an idea of what being drunk is like, etc. As #1 Son's class stood there for their class picture, all I kept thinking was I need to keep this picture and hand it out at the first college kegger!

Last but not least, my future Paul Hamm.

He did really well during his gymnastics meet. What's cool abt him taking gymnastics is that no other boys do in his class which makes his cartwheels and hand stands the best of the bunch!

Now that dinner is done and the kids are otherwise occupied, I think its time to pull out my dolphins....


Dee said…
Olympics in 2016??? And I can say I knew him when he was just a munchkin. LOL

Congrats to #1 Son --- isn't it fun seeing our kids get involved with sports/dancing/band, etc...

Best part of motherhood!

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