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Monday Meme

I read this on Melissa's blog that looked like a fun one. If you decide to play along, leave a comment letting me know so I can check yours out.

1. What's your staple meal (ie what meal do you cook most often when you can't be bothered to be adventurous)?

A roasted chicken. It's easy to put together, add some potatoes or make some rice and a veggie and you've got a great meal. I make one at least once a week. The other staple is spaghetti. Make a big pot of sauce and add your pasta of choice.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was in 6th grade, we had career day and I dressed up as a receptionist. My teacher thought I was a business woman, but when I told him I was a receptionist, he was disappointed. He said I needed to aim higher than just a receptionist. I ended up disappointed because my mom was a receptionist. What was so wrong with it??

Fast forward 18 years to when I was 30, pregnant with #1 Son and working as an office manager for a local busines…

Saturday Shopping

Books A Million had a major sale going on today so we decided it was time for a family field trip!!! Everybody got something, including me.

Other than the Rachael Herron book, the rest were from the bargain bin. I snatched up that book by Monica Ferris SO fast I didn't stop to think that I might already own it.....

And the book that had no writing on the pink spine?? Meet my new knitting journal!!

I can hear a cyber collective AWWWWWWW!! SOO cute!!

Since we were close to the mall, we stopped in to buy a few other necessities.

And who knew that the 80's Madonna look was making a comeback!

I found this image of Madonna on line.

The gloves are VERY similar. And notice the earrings?? Claire's had the EXACT same ones in the store.......

Lace gloves are fine, cone bras are not.

On the way home, we saw this.

Too bad the heat index was 104.

That was quick!

Bulky really does knit up fast!! I started a scarf on Sunday and by Tuesday I had this!

Pretty nice huh? It's really soft too. Baby Girl loves it, but #1 Son thinks its too bulky. Not sure if it will stay with me or shipped off in a care package up north. I've got time to think abt it.

Here are the stats:

Harlot One Row Scarf

c/o 18sts using size 13 needles

Date start: 6/20
Date end: 6/22
total project time: 3 days

Yarn used: Serenity Chunky Weight from the Deborah Norville collection
Red Bayou #2 lot S262
1.5 skeins used
5.7 oz 177.5 yds

total size of scarf: 5" x 65"

Since its almost the end of June and it's almost 1/2 way thru the year, I've been looking back at what I've gotten done this year. It's been a busy year plus I've discovered games on Facebook so what EXACTLY have I gotten done?

Not a whole lot.

I'ved finished two hats, a trivet, a scarf and 5 prs of baby socks. Hmmmmm, slim pickin's for 6 months work! And it's not as if I'…

Draft Stopper or Base Board

You decide.

Finally some stash to report!

Do you know the last time I bought stash?? Back in DECEMBER!!! Yep, that long ago.** It was time, esp when that yarn is bought on clearance or using a 50% coupon.

First, some sock yarn (cuz I don't have enough of that!)

Its Heart and Sole Watercolor Stripe. I've been eyeing this for awhile now; I pick it up, look at it, tell myself I haven't worked on a sock in a long time and have a ton of sock yarn in stash, then put it back in the bin. Saturday I decided 2 skeins needed to come home with me. If I've been wanting it that long, then I really like it! Best part? It was on clearance! Not sure why that was the only colorway on clearance, but hey, I'll take it!

The other yarn is by Serenity, the Deborah Norville collection.

Another yarn I've been eyeing, but could never decide what I wanted to do with it. Finally I decided that instead of a big project, I'd make a scarf using Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf. In fact, I cast on yesterday and…

What's on the Needles

I'm going thru my projects to see what needs to be done to what and I'm realizing I don't have a lot going on. I'm on the heel of sock #2 of one pair of socks

I just finished sock #1 of another pair of socks

and I'm abt 3-4" into my kitty blanket.

I'm itching to start another project, just not sure what. A sweater for me? A tank for Baby Girl? Since I needed some quiet time, the IO stayed home with the kids and I went to JoAnn's just to walk around. While there, a MAJOR storm popped up and I was stuck in the store. I know, the trauma! I walked around for a bit, looked thru the yarn department a couple of times, sat down and looked thru a couple of books. I pulled out some yarn and was considering buying some needles to start a project. Around 8:30 I decided to brave the storm to head home, but the computer system was down. Nobody could buy anything!!!


I called the house to let them know what was going on and found out they were sitti…

How long does it take for braids to come out?

Twenty minutes.

Moving Forward

For me, today is officially the start of summer vacation. It is Monday and there is no place we have to be. For us anyway. The IO has started a new job and today is his first day. (woohoo!) And of course he is sick! Blech. Poor guy. Nothing is ever easy, is it?

So now that I'm home, I can focus on home stuff. Every single room is upside down. Seriously. My bedroom being the worst. I really want to go thru each room, each closet, each DRAWER and clean out clutter. While I don't plan on getting rid of EVERYTHING, I do want to weed thru stuff I don't use and to organize better. And maybe get thru some projects that have been put on hold for a couple of years now.

Hmmm, I've posted this same idea every summer for the past 4 years. Maybe *this* will be the summer it gets done.....

Meanwhile Tiger's neck is doing SO much better!!! The fleshy part is down to the size of a quarter now and is healing nicely. I'm letting her back outside again, but it…

Wrapping it up and taking a breath.....

Yesterday I was sitting in bed watching some show on tv and it was WONDERFUL! School is over. Events are over. Family is gone. I can now relax!

Well sort of.

We just found out that the local country club is offering free tennis clinics to those 10-18 in the county. So guess what #1 Son will be doing for the next 6 Saturdays! It's a bit of a drive so no dropping off and going home, but thankfully I know a few of the moms so we'll sit in the tennis pro shop while the kids play tennis in the bowels of the earth! That's my only concern, the heat. It was 97 yesterday and that was NOT including the heat index. One girl passed out before it all began, and a boy needed to quit a half hour before it ended. #1 Son did fine until we started going home. He was HOT. They took 2 water breaks but I think I'll ask if they can add in a third.

Meanwhile I no longer have a son in elementary school!! I have to say I did really really well. The honor walk was going to be the h…

Making a Comeback?

Sunday afternoon I'm trying to get thru the pile of newspapers on my bed and I come across an article in Saturday's paper that catches my eye. Sewing Experiment. Apparently Martha Stewart has a new book out entitled "Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts". And the part highlighted in the article? Cross stitching! Wow that made me do a double take! Most of the articles on fiber related crafts have to do with knitting or quilting. You never see anything related to needlepoint or cross stitching. And a side box highlights another cross stitch book called "A Rainbow of Stitches" "that trades ducks and bunnies for Dior-clad mademoiselles, fields of poppies and Art Deco letters."

Huh, something I've been doing for over 20 years is making a comeback. Check out the article for yourselves here.


Today was Baby Girl's classroom awards and she did really well. She w…

Saturday Anniversary!

Today's sky is brought to you by Baby Girl.

I just checked on the temps, and it's hot! The temp reads 90, but the heat index cranks it up to 105!! *I* won't be leaving the house anytime soon!!

Speaking of summer heat, we are truly in summer mode here, but we still have 4 days left of school. Thankfully those days mostly consist of awards and parties. While I'm looking forward to not having to wake up at a specific time each day, I'm already getting a taste of what summer will be like. Right now Baby Girl and #1 Son are in the family room watching Animal Planet while #1 Son has a contraption made with his Silly Bandz (have you guys seen these?? They are the latest craze with kids), a ruler and the ceiling fan. I think we'll be participating in a lot of the free activities with the local library.......

No updates to show. I need a replacement bulb for my Ott Light which means no stitching has been happening. I haven't worked on my sock lately either because I…

Beginning to Feel Like Summer

Today while I was helping in Baby Girl's classroom, it really started to hit me that this was the end of the school year. Today was my last day helping in the classroom. While I'll be there to help for her end of year party and also for her 2nd grade graduation, I won't be in the classroom checking off books or filing papers or helping out with math. They also get their year books today. Nothing says end-of-the-school-year like a year book.

While Baby Girl is finishing off 2nd grade, #1 Son is graduating from elementary school. Didn't I just go to his first day of Kindergarten not that long ago? I know it only gets worse. Soon I'll be saying the same thing abt his high school graduation. I think I'll be ok during his 5th grade promotion, but what's going to tear me up is the 5th Grade Walk of Honor. ALL the kids in the school make banners and signs cheering the 5th graders on as they board the bus to their graduating ceremony. Even as I type this I'm get…