Beginning to Feel Like Summer

Today while I was helping in Baby Girl's classroom, it really started to hit me that this was the end of the school year. Today was my last day helping in the classroom. While I'll be there to help for her end of year party and also for her 2nd grade graduation, I won't be in the classroom checking off books or filing papers or helping out with math. They also get their year books today. Nothing says end-of-the-school-year like a year book.

While Baby Girl is finishing off 2nd grade, #1 Son is graduating from elementary school. Didn't I just go to his first day of Kindergarten not that long ago? I know it only gets worse. Soon I'll be saying the same thing abt his high school graduation. I think I'll be ok during his 5th grade promotion, but what's going to tear me up is the 5th Grade Walk of Honor. ALL the kids in the school make banners and signs cheering the 5th graders on as they board the bus to their graduating ceremony. Even as I type this I'm getting choked up. I don't know what it is abt this tradition that kills me, but I'm going to be a mess. I think it's gonna be a xanax kind of a day. All I know is that I'm REALLY proud of this kid.


I posted this on Facebook, but I need to post it here as well.

Happy Hurricane Season everybody!!! Let the churning of the Gulf oil begin.

Hurricane season is always an interesting time in Florida, but with the gushing of oil now filling up the Gulf, it will take on another twist. I always prepare for storms and power outages; some of our summer storms can seem worse than the hurricanes that pass thru. However this year I did put together a *Go To* bag, a bag of items that I can just grab in case I need to leave the area quickly. I even packed yarn and needles for 2 pairs of socks. Somehow that doesn't seem like enough.

And for those of you who asked, Tiger is doing well. Her neck still looks ugly, but it's getting better. It's not as oozy as before and it doesnt appear to be bothering her either. She's eating and drinking and grooming herself as normal so I'm just going to keep an eye on it and let her do her thing. It's not infected, but the second I see or smell anything funky, off we go!

Nothing to see here. She won't post the gory pic of my neck, but I'm still this cute, even with a big boo-boo.


Susan said…
So what if you turn to mush when your kid experiences one of life's big moments? You're allowed.

The whole oil in the Gulf thing gives me nightmares and I'm not anywhere near the Gulf. What a disaster! The implications for the whole planet are scary.
Jane said…
My goodness, but your son grew up too fast, didn't he? Hope you all have a fabulous summer, and that it turns out to be a slow hurricane season. Poor Tiger. Socks and Mittens say get well soon!
Jacki said…
You SHOULD be proud of your kids! Hope Tiger heals up quickly. One of the cats we had growing up was the exact opposite - we knew he wasn't feeling well when he ran up to my mom!
SusieH said…
Small world dept - saw mention of you meeting Kris on The Knitting Wannabe!

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