Making a Comeback?

Sunday afternoon I'm trying to get thru the pile of newspapers on my bed and I come across an article in Saturday's paper that catches my eye. Sewing Experiment. Apparently Martha Stewart has a new book out entitled "Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts". And the part highlighted in the article? Cross stitching! Wow that made me do a double take! Most of the articles on fiber related crafts have to do with knitting or quilting. You never see anything related to needlepoint or cross stitching. And a side box highlights another cross stitch book called "A Rainbow of Stitches" "that trades ducks and bunnies for Dior-clad mademoiselles, fields of poppies and Art Deco letters."

Huh, something I've been doing for over 20 years is making a comeback. Check out the article for yourselves here.


Today was Baby Girl's classroom awards and she did really well. She was the only one in her class to get a trophy as a Math Superstar and she is officially reading on a 5th grade level (though she's just finishing 2nd grade). Needless to say we are very proud of her!

One down, one to go.....


Dee said…
Well, what do you know? We're finally TRENDY!

Congrats to Baby Girl. I always knew she was a smartie-pie as well as a cutie-pie!
Knittymuggins said…
Congrats to Baby Girl!!

Sandie Knapp said…
Congratulations Baby Girl. Good for you. I never did well in Math myself, but not for the lack of trying. LOL And it's one thing we all need to know, especially when we are grown ups. Right Mom?

Sorry I've been missing for so long, trying to catch up now.

I never knew cross stitch died out. But I've never kept up with what's popular anyway. Never did, never will. I loved doing it, and probably still would if I could! LOL

Take care :)

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