Moving Forward

For me, today is officially the start of summer vacation. It is Monday and there is no place we have to be. For us anyway. The IO has started a new job and today is his first day. (woohoo!) And of course he is sick! Blech. Poor guy. Nothing is ever easy, is it?

So now that I'm home, I can focus on home stuff. Every single room is upside down. Seriously. My bedroom being the worst. I really want to go thru each room, each closet, each DRAWER and clean out clutter. While I don't plan on getting rid of EVERYTHING, I do want to weed thru stuff I don't use and to organize better. And maybe get thru some projects that have been put on hold for a couple of years now.

Hmmm, I've posted this same idea every summer for the past 4 years. Maybe *this* will be the summer it gets done.....

Meanwhile Tiger's neck is doing SO much better!!! The fleshy part is down to the size of a quarter now and is healing nicely. I'm letting her back outside again, but it's been so hot, she doesnt stay out long. None of them do. Even night temps haven't been all that cool. Much nicer in a climate controlled house where there are tea parties to be had

and board games to be played.


SusieH said…
Lynn, I love the new blog layout. And I hear you, OH DO I HEAR YOU, on the decluttering...

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