Saturday Anniversary!

Today's sky is brought to you by Baby Girl.

I just checked on the temps, and it's hot! The temp reads 90, but the heat index cranks it up to 105!! *I* won't be leaving the house anytime soon!!

Speaking of summer heat, we are truly in summer mode here, but we still have 4 days left of school. Thankfully those days mostly consist of awards and parties. While I'm looking forward to not having to wake up at a specific time each day, I'm already getting a taste of what summer will be like. Right now Baby Girl and #1 Son are in the family room watching Animal Planet while #1 Son has a contraption made with his Silly Bandz (have you guys seen these?? They are the latest craze with kids), a ruler and the ceiling fan. I think we'll be participating in a lot of the free activities with the local library.......

No updates to show. I need a replacement bulb for my Ott Light which means no stitching has been happening. I haven't worked on my sock lately either because I'm getting close to the toe and I need to measure #1 Son's foot. He has claimed these socks as his own and while our feet are close in size, mine's still a bit bigger than his. And Baby Girl has requested another tank. She also wants me to make her some summer short sets. I have the fabric and the patterns so maybe the 2nd week of summer will be a sewing week.

Last but not least, Happy Blogiversary to me!!! Four years ago I fell down the rabbit hole and I'm still here blogging away. It's amazing how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. My love for all things fiber has stayed the same. My love for cats have as well, but we have a completely different crew now. Rugrats and IOs are still here, but we're all much older. Four years ago I started renovations on the house. Most of those never got finished and I already need to re-paint again....

I've noticed some blogs have gone by the wayside due to other modes of virtual communication (ie, Ravelry), but I still like my blog. I like having a place to not just share my knitting, but my stitching as well. Plus it's a great place for me to keep track of life.

I've enjoyed my blog and I'm hoping I've added some entertainment value to those who read here as well. Here's to many more!

You know I'll still be 4 years from now!


Dee said…
Happy blogoversary.

There are so many blogs I enjoyed that no longer exist or haven't been updated. I'm so glad you're still here.

Enjoy those last crazy days of school.

Tell #1 Son congratulations on his elementary school graduation.
Susan said…
Happy happy 4th blogiversary!!
VCFibers said…
Happy blogiversary! Also, I'm curious...are you guys on an extended or year round school schedule? Schools in the area that I teach at in GA got out 2 weeks ago! It would be so unbearable trying to do recess duty now with temperatures in the 90s.
June said…
Happy 4th blogoversary! I always enjoy stopping by for a read. You have a great blog and keep up the good work!
Zonda said…
Happy Blogiversary!
Knittymuggins said…
Happy Bloggyversary!! I'm so glad to know that you'll keep blogging even if blogging has changed a lot in the last few years :) How funny that we decided to write about the same thing at the same time too! I look forward to more posts in the future :)

stitcherw said…
Happy Belated Blogaversary to you, the time does fly doesn't it. Like so many others I'm having a harder time keeping mine updated, seems to be so much going on this time of year, but I still love blogging as a method to see what others are doing, share what I'm doing, and leave comments back and forth. Your earlier post of Dolphins looked great, nice progress. I'm so glad to hear that Tiger is back and doing better. Hopefully the neck continues to heal up without any complications.

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