Saturday Shopping

Books A Million had a major sale going on today so we decided it was time for a family field trip!!! Everybody got something, including me.

Other than the Rachael Herron book, the rest were from the bargain bin. I snatched up that book by Monica Ferris SO fast I didn't stop to think that I might already own it.....

And the book that had no writing on the pink spine?? Meet my new knitting journal!!

I can hear a cyber collective AWWWWWWW!! SOO cute!!

Since we were close to the mall, we stopped in to buy a few other necessities.

And who knew that the 80's Madonna look was making a comeback!

I found this image of Madonna on line.

The gloves are VERY similar. And notice the earrings?? Claire's had the EXACT same ones in the store.......

Lace gloves are fine, cone bras are not.

On the way home, we saw this.

Too bad the heat index was 104.


Dee said…
Looks like a good time was had by all. Enjoy the books. With this weather, it's the perfect time to stay inside with the a/c and READ!
Susan said…
I just finished reading the one by Rachael Herron and enjoyed it.
stitcherw said…
Fun shopping. I've read two of the books (Espresso Shot and Embroidered Truths) and enjoyed them both. Glad you got the bulb for your light so you can see easier, and nice yarn stash too. I'm using the Serenity yarn for the current cat mat I'm making, it's working up nice and cushy for a cat to take naps on. Glad that Tiger's neck is healing up well to.
Jacki said…
I think Baby Girl would rock a cone bra.

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