That was quick!

Bulky really does knit up fast!! I started a scarf on Sunday and by Tuesday I had this!

Pretty nice huh? It's really soft too. Baby Girl loves it, but #1 Son thinks its too bulky. Not sure if it will stay with me or shipped off in a care package up north. I've got time to think abt it.

Here are the stats:

Harlot One Row Scarf

c/o 18sts using size 13 needles

Date start: 6/20
Date end: 6/22
total project time: 3 days

Yarn used: Serenity Chunky Weight from the Deborah Norville collection
Red Bayou #2 lot S262
1.5 skeins used
5.7 oz 177.5 yds

total size of scarf: 5" x 65"

Since its almost the end of June and it's almost 1/2 way thru the year, I've been looking back at what I've gotten done this year. It's been a busy year plus I've discovered games on Facebook so what EXACTLY have I gotten done?

Not a whole lot.

I'ved finished two hats, a trivet, a scarf and 5 prs of baby socks. Hmmmmm, slim pickin's for 6 months work! And it's not as if I'm getting lots of other things done. No sewing or stitching pieces finished and only 2 books have been read. I decided to remedy the paltry reading list by getting a couple of books for me when we went to the library on Wednesday. Now it's just finding the quiet time to enjoy them. I think that's why I'm on Facebook so much; it's easily left when I'm summoned by a child or need to get up and do something else.

Like tend to a kitty or two.

This is MY pedistal you fool cat!

This is why I stay by the door, too much drama!


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