What's on the Needles

I'm going thru my projects to see what needs to be done to what and I'm realizing I don't have a lot going on. I'm on the heel of sock #2 of one pair of socks

I just finished sock #1 of another pair of socks

and I'm abt 3-4" into my kitty blanket.

I'm itching to start another project, just not sure what. A sweater for me? A tank for Baby Girl? Since I needed some quiet time, the IO stayed home with the kids and I went to JoAnn's just to walk around. While there, a MAJOR storm popped up and I was stuck in the store. I know, the trauma! I walked around for a bit, looked thru the yarn department a couple of times, sat down and looked thru a couple of books. I pulled out some yarn and was considering buying some needles to start a project. Around 8:30 I decided to brave the storm to head home, but the computer system was down. Nobody could buy anything!!!


I called the house to let them know what was going on and found out they were sitting in the dark surrounded by candles. The power was out. Hmmmmm. Not good. So I decided to just hang out in the store a little longer. I was sitting next to a woman who had Florida Gator yarn colors in her basket and we started to talk shop. Everybody else ended up leaving, including her. Baskets of items were labeled with our names so we could come back today to get them, yet still get the sale prices (the Firefly sale ended yesterday). But I waited. Talked with the guy at checkout (yes, GUY) and I told him that the whole reason I was there was to buy my Ott light replacement bulb. I really wanted to work on some projects that required that light (like, all of them!) so he said, let me see it.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. It worked!!!! Since it was still flukey, the mgr said to only ring up that item. I didn't care. I was thrilled to be getting my light! I said now I can go home and work on my projects!!! He said, if you have electricity.

*head smack*

I had forgotten I had no power.

BUT by the time I got home, the power was back on and I was able to kitchener the above sock. YES!

I still plan on going back today and pick up the rest of what I had in my basket. A yard of cozy flannel for a buck. Some Deborah Norville bulky to make a Yarn Harlot One Row scarf using the 40% off coupons. Some Red Heart sock yarn I've been eyeing for awhile using my 50% off coupons. None of which I need, but really really want! Oh and some white t-shirts so the kids can make some tye dye shirts. Now THAT should be fun!!!


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