Wrapping it up and taking a breath.....

Yesterday I was sitting in bed watching some show on tv and it was WONDERFUL! School is over. Events are over. Family is gone. I can now relax!

Well sort of.

We just found out that the local country club is offering free tennis clinics to those 10-18 in the county. So guess what #1 Son will be doing for the next 6 Saturdays! It's a bit of a drive so no dropping off and going home, but thankfully I know a few of the moms so we'll sit in the tennis pro shop while the kids play tennis in the bowels of the earth! That's my only concern, the heat. It was 97 yesterday and that was NOT including the heat index. One girl passed out before it all began, and a boy needed to quit a half hour before it ended. #1 Son did fine until we started going home. He was HOT. They took 2 water breaks but I think I'll ask if they can add in a third.

Meanwhile I no longer have a son in elementary school!! I have to say I did really really well. The honor walk was going to be the hardest for me and I got choked up when they started the song *Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye*, but I held it together. However when your son cuts the line and you don't even see him walk past until it's too late

well that sort of sobers things up a bit!

He got two awards during his promotion

then we went out to Sonny's BBQ for lunch with my family, and then back to the house for a family party

This is a cake from Publix and while it was REALLY cool in the picture, it is NOT a cake for real life!!! This was the second cake the baker had to make because the first one collapsed on itself. This one barely made it home and on the table before it started to do it again. #1 Son loved it which is all that matters, but I will never get it again.

Since I love my before and after pictures so much, here is #1 Son on his first day of Kindergarten

both of them on their first day of school this year

and the last day of school

I am very thankful for the couple of months rest before he starts Middle School.....


Dee said…
He is going to LOVE middle school. They do so many more interesting things in science and history.

Congrats to both kids on their awards. You have a lot to be proud of my friend.
stitcherw said…
Congrats to them both, I can't believe how much they've grown. Sounds like they are both doing wonderfully in school, I think their enjoyment of reading that you've helped them develop helps so much there. Having a love of reading and spending time doing it helps in so many areas of learning. The cake was very cute, to bad that it just didn't stand up very well. The tennis lessons should be fun, but with the heat they'll really have to keep an eye on the kids to make sure they drink enough water.
Susan said…
Congrats to you for surviving the end of the school year and to both kids for making you proud!

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