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Such a Night Person

Now that the sun has gone down and it's cooler outside (heat index is down to 81, SOOO much better!) I can actually think! Considering how poorly I handle the heat, it's amazing I live in Florida. Living in Miami was actually easier because while it gets hot down there, too, the heat indexes are NO where near as bad as it gets here.

Is anybody else amazed that it's the last day of July? I'm actually happy abt it. School starts in 3 weeks and I'm looking forward to getting back into a schedule. The kids are ready to get back to school as well. I'm thankful that they both enjoy school so getting them to go back isn't really that hard. The hardest part is getting up in the AM. Considering we all stay up until the wee hours of the AM and sleep the morning hours away, it's going to be an adjustment for us all. Right now it's 11pm, and the house isn't even CLOSE to shutting down. In fact I hear sno-cones being made as I blog.

One of the best…

I'm Melting...........

OMG I am SO hot!!! My poor little window unit is just not cutting it. Our temps? 97 degrees with a heat index of 113. Ugh.

It's too hot to cook. Or knit. Or stitch. Or even to exist.....

Tuscany Italy is 70. Nice. Sydney Australia is 59. Better!! If I can't be cool, I can travel vicariously thru Weather Underground.

And yet there are those who ENJOY the heat!

But it's a DRY heat.

No Saturday sky, it's too hot to leave the house

My Map

Remember my map?

Pretty impressive, huh? This map represents every single tropical storm and hurricane from 1851 to 2004. Amazing how I live in the state that is the only one fully covered in black!

Wknd Update

I don't know why it's so hard to post on the wknds. I had my pics and thoughts all ready to go and never did get to it.

Monday is probably easier because it gives me a break from housework!

So when you live in an area that is covered in black

you know you will see a tropical storm or 4 thruout the summer. We had Bonnie pass thru the southern part of Florida on Friday which gave us a good soaking rain on and off thruout the day. They said that Saturday would be 70% chance of rain, which I assumed would be in the AM. Wrong! Here is what it looked like when we headed out around noon.

Gorgeous, right? By the time we were heading home around 4pm, we had this.

The sky has been really interesting. Our cloud formations have been really cool. Either dark clouds against a bright blue sky or big fluffy cotton ball clouds against that same blue.

The kids didn't realize I took a Saturday sky so #1 Son took a picture for me on Sunday!

Funny how they've gotten used to me taking…

Linkety links

I've been having a hard time trying to come up with some interesting posts. I haven't been doing a lot of knitting/stitching/sewing lately so nothing to blog abt there. It's been so hot that the cats havent been doing anything interesting other than flopping down and sleeping the heat away. I had to dig for that one of Tiger. It's been so hot we haven't been doing much at all.

However, today I got inspired from Chris. Some of her links were really funny today and I wanted to share them.

First up, Scientific proof that women can multi-task better than men. Yep, they actually spent money to prove it.

Libraries might be the latest pop culture fad. This one especially cracked me up since we went to the library today for a craft/activity event. My library offers so many free things to do in the summer, it's fantastic. I don't take advantage as I'd like, but I'm glad to know it's there. If they are becoming the next latest and greatest, that ca…

Kitty Thursdays

Will she make it???

Saturday Excursion

I felt the need for an adventure today so we went for a bit of a drive. Here is my sky once we got settled.

Guess where we went?

Need another hint?

Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean just south of Daytona Beach. We haven't been to the beach in a year and with speculation as to if/when the oil from the Gulf will hit us on the Atlantic side, I felt the need to go.

The waves were just rough enough to keep the kids entertained

and calm enough to keep me from being a nervous wreck. I know these waves don't look like much, but they were tall enough to knock them around a bit. They were standing on a sand bar so when the wave crashed over them, it was as high as their shoulders, but after it passed them by, the water was only up to their knees. A win/win for us all!

We got there around 6:30pm, which was perfect!!! It was late enough for the crowds to have thinned out, but early enough to still see people fly thru the air

or look for buried treasure

A pelican was working off his dinner


One Skein In

The back measures abt 8.5" and I need to go to 12" before I start the arm shaping. It seems small but when I put it up against Baby Girl, it seems fine. Plus knits tend to stretch a bit so I'm hoping it will last the winter.

Saturday Scorcher!!!!

Doesn't the weather LOOK pretty?

However according to the thermometer, it is 94 with a heat index of 109. Blech.

So here I sit with a movie on in my bedroom trying to stay cool. I tried opening the blinds to let in some light, but you could feel the heat thru the glass so the blinds went back down.

Even with the heat, some knitting is going on.

This will eventually be a sweater for Baby Girl. It's a cotton/acrylic blend that feels like a nice cotton so I'm really enjoying knitting with it. It can be a bit splitty in parts, but nothing major. The pattern I'm using is from a Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine, doesn't list the year, but it's a basic cardigan which I like. Nothing fancy, the yarn does all the work.

Hope everybody is staying cool. I know it's been really hot for you guys up in the NE area and while I have an a/c to help with the heat, many of you guys don't. I think a trip to the mall or a theatre is in order for the heat of the day!

Keep that …

Pick a Title







Either way, it was delicious!

Sunday Updates

I have a finish!

I started these back in Jan. The first sock took me 3 days. The second? FIVE months! Blech.

Here are my stats:

JW Socks #1

Sock #1: 1/5 - 1/8/10
Sock #2: 1/30 - 7/3/10
Total Project time: 6 months

c/o 48sts 3x1 rib on size 5 dpns
cuff: 6"
foot before toe: 6.5"

yarn used: Lion Wool Sage Green #123 and Pearl Grey #149
yarn used up: 4.2oz / 221.2yds

Best part? They're Hemi approved.

Now that these socks are done, I only have 2 projects going, the kitty shelter afghan and the 2nd Kroy FX sock (which still needs to be cast on). I'm itching to start another project and I have two in mind; a sweater for Baby Girl (before she gets too big for it) and another pair of socks, this pair with a short cuff. I'm hoping to cast on sometime tomorrow.

Yesterday was an on again off again rainy day. It was better in the morning, but by the afternoon, this was the only blue sky I saw.

I took this while standing in my back por…